Finding Your Home For The Holidays

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Christmas is a time of celebration. Bright lights. Shiny presents. Milk and cookies.

It’s also the time for a new Christmas single from The Killers.

The Killers have long been one of my favorite bands. Back in 2006 they started a tradition of releasing an original Christmas single each year to benefit (RED), a charity which distributes life-saving medicines to those with HIV and AIDS in Africa.

Some of the singles sounds like classic Christmas tunes. Some are quirky and stylish. Some, like this year’s “Christmas In L.A.” featuring another of my favorite bands Dawes, are thoughtful and introspective and a little sad.

“Christmas In L.A.” is the tale of a struggling actor (played in the video by Owen Wilson) stuck in the doldrums of Los Angeles who can’t afford to make it back home for December 25.

Sometimes my girlfriend gets onto me for having so much depressing Christmas music on my holiday playlists. But, to quote Sir Elton John, sad songs say so much.

Sad songs help us put a voice to our fears and doubts. Recognizing the sadness inside of us is the first step to healing.

Holidays have a way of bringing the sadness. For some people Christmas is the most depressing day of the year.

It’s one of those days you face every year which carries the weight and memories of years past.

A day you’re supposed to be surrounded by those you love, basking in generosity, showering the people you love with love and receiving it right back.

A day where ABC Family shows you how things are supposed to be and you find yourself wondering why life can’t be like the movies.

When you can’t make it home for the holidays, you’re reminded of all you failures, of every choice you’ve made which led you to where you don’t want to be.

I don’t think Jesus intended His birthday to bring about depression. I think maybe we’re looking at things the wrong way. 

Deep in our hearts we long for Christmas to be a homecoming. But Jesus’s arrival on Earth wasn’t really Him coming home, was it?

Jesus’s entrance into the world was the beginning of a new home. A new life. That’s what Jesus offers at Christmas – a new home. A better home. A true home. A home which offers peace and redemption no other roof can offer.

He didn’t just offer it on the first Christmas. He offers it new every day.

If you don’t want to spend another Christmas In L.A., if you don’t want to spend another holiday hanging on to your regrets and frustrations and depressions, then your home can’t be here on this Earth. 

To paraphrase Paul, there is a better and more excellent way home than any airplane ticket can offer. Choose to make your bed alongside the miraculous manger. Find a new, true home for the holidays.

(Click Here to download the “Christmas in L.A.” single from The Killers featuring Dawes. All the proceeds from the singles help get medicine to children suffering from AIDS. Spend $1.29 to get a great new holiday song and provide the gift of life. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can download the rest of The Killers’ Christmas tunes right here.)


One thought on “Finding Your Home For The Holidays

  1. The video was well done, but rather depressing. However, the holidays, especially Christmas, can be tough to get through. I have that problem still – as you say, we continue to carry the old memories of the past and they can be hard to overcome. The guy in the video represents only one of many. I always used to wonder why people gave alcohol as gifts on Christmas, and even more why people had to drink on this special occasion. I know now – that’s how they got through it, but oh what a bad taste it’s left in my mouth all these years.
    Whatever gifts we have, I pray The Lord will lead us to those who need them this blessed, holy season.
    God bless.

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