What To Remember When It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

What is Christmas supposed to feel like?

Living in Georgia the past 20-some-odd years, I’m beginning to wonder.

Growing up I’ve always thought Christmas was supposed to be feel like winter, interchangeable with snowflakes and hot chocolate and wool sweaters.

So how come it’s December 9 and still 75 degrees outside?

If I only celebrated Christmas when it felt like Christmas, I’d probably have only unwrapped presents a dozen times in my life.

Still, I moan and groan when I’m picking out a Christmas tree in short sleeves and flip flops.

But if there’s one thing I remember from the wisdom of Band Aid’s classic carol “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, it’s that there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time. (That and the hair. The glorious hair.)

What I mean is Christmas isn’t always synonymous with cold weather.

We shouldn’t celebrate Christmas just when the conditions are what we want them to be.

We also shouldn’t celebrate just because of the date. Christmas should not only come when the calendar demands it.

We should celebrate Christmas every year, and every day, because of the miracle gift of the Savior, and the gift of salvation that it brings.

Feelings are not to be trusted. God is bigger than our feelings.

Feelings are just as fickle as the weather in Georgia. One day you feel like you’re “supposed to”. The next day, one little thing throws your world completely off balance.

Jesus told us a faith built upon feelings is like a house built upon sand. Something as small as the weather could blow the house away.

If your faith is unstable, getting rocked by every different mood of your day, you ought to examine what your faith is actually in. If you only celebrate God in the good times, you aren’t truly believing Him to carry you through the tough times.

We need a faith built upon something stronger than our feelings. We need a faith in Jesus that is not based upon how we feel in the present moment.

Christmas is still Christmas whether it’s freezing cold or frightening hot.

Your faith must hold strong no matter the temperature as well.

Feelings fluctuate. Real faith stands firm. 

What makes it hard for you to celebrate Christmas? When do your feelings get in the way of your faith? 


2 thoughts on “What To Remember When It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

  1. Being a native Atlantan I understand what you’re saying. We seem to be along an invisible line that if moved a bit north or south, makes for interesting weather.
    I lived at the beach on the Gulf coast for a few years – one of my life’s dreams. That was when I really had to adjust to a warm, flip flop kinda Christmas. But as you say, feelings and faith must be separated. They are to be distinguished, each for what they are. Feelings can fluctuate like the weather, literally hour by hour, while faith is like the rock on which the lighthouse is built – steady and sure, whatever comes our way. Blessings to all this cold wintry morn🎄

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