Monday Morning Music: Joel The Lump Of Coal

Mondays can feel like a big lump of coal in your stocking.

You spend the weekend full of the holiday spirit – picking out a tree, wrapping presents, enjoying a glass of egg nog and the yearly viewing of Emmet Otter.

Then that alarm hits Monday morning, waking you up from that wonderful Christmas dream and bringing you back into the reality of the workweek.

Ugh. For all the joy and merriment of the Christmas season, we still have lumps of coal to deal with in our lives.

Maybe you could use some Monday Morning Music to get you back in the spirit.

What if there was something more to these lumps in our stockings? What if the things we think are meant to upset  us have a deeper meaning buried inside? Continue reading

Why I Run

FullSizeRender-5Earlier this week I got a notification from my Nike+ Running App. The App urged me to pledge to run as many miles as I could this week. For every mile I ran, Bank Of America would donate 40 cents to (RED), a charity which looks to end the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

40 cents a mile doesn’t sound like all that much. But I’m a supporter of the (RED) organization and I know how far even that small amount can go. So I’ve pledged to run this week and add my miles to the tally. I encourage you to download the app and do the same.

It wasn’t a hard decision for me to make. I probably would have gone running a couple of times this week anyway.

But what I’m starting to realize is having a reason to run that’s bigger than myself is the best kind of motivation for me. Continue reading

Finding Your Home For The Holidays

(Click Here if you can’t see the video above.)

Christmas is a time of celebration. Bright lights. Shiny presents. Milk and cookies.

It’s also the time for a new Christmas single from The Killers.

The Killers have long been one of my favorite bands. Back in 2006 they started a tradition of releasing an original Christmas single each year to benefit (RED), a charity which distributes life-saving medicines to those with HIV and AIDS in Africa.

Some of the singles sounds like classic Christmas tunes. Some are quirky and stylish. Some, like this year’s “Christmas In L.A.” featuring another of my favorite bands Dawes, are thoughtful and introspective and a little sad.

“Christmas In L.A.” is the tale of a struggling actor (played in the video by Owen Wilson) stuck in the doldrums of Los Angeles who can’t afford to make it back home for December 25.

Sometimes my girlfriend gets onto me for having so much depressing Christmas music on my holiday playlists. But, to quote Sir Elton John, sad songs say so much. Continue reading

A Lesson From Elmo On Happiness

My favorite verse in the bible is Philippians 4:4. It reads:

Rejoice in the Lord always; I will say it again, rejoice!

Some people, including myself, have a hard time living this verse out. Take Elmo, for instance:

Our furry friend seems to have some serious emotional problems. One second he’s ecstatically happy, the next he’s nearly suicidal with despair. And why? All because the green frog won’t play with him right that instant.

We’ve all acted like Elmo before, haven’t we? Much like Kermit promises Elmo everything he wants, God promises us everything we could ever desire. Yet we complain because we want it all right now.

Elmo is guilty of an error many of us make in life. Elmo is not finding his joy in the right place. Continue reading