What is POP GOD?

Does God still speak to us?

The last book with His mark on it, the book of Revelation, is almost 2000 years old. That’s not very Pop Culture friendly.

Pop Culture is of the moment. Rarely does Pop Culture have a lifespan of longer than 6 months. Pop Culture is transient and fleeting. It is rapidly evolving, growing, and fading with every tweet, every post, every new message and medium.

It would be easy to dismiss the Bible as an outdated book and the main character of God as an antiquated invention. After all, when was the last time you read any other 2000 year old book?

So after finalizing the Bible, has God really been silent?

I don’t think so. I think we just have a hearing problem.

God created humanity in His own image. We are created in the image of a Creator. We are created to create.

Through His creations and their creativity the Creator is reflected and His voice is heard.

God makes himself visible in every moment. He is, as Ephesians 4:6 says, over all and through all and in all. He uses stories to draw us closer to Him. He can use the Pop Culture of our world to reveal truths about Himself to us. If only we would look.

There is plenty about God that is not easy to understand (sorry, Book of Leviticus).

There is also an abundance of truth about God waiting in the world around you. It’s there in Pixar movies and Bruce Springsteen songs. It’s there in WWE matches and 80s sitcoms. God’s presence exists in the present tense, speaking to you.

POP GOD is not an endorsement of every aspect of pop culture. Nor is it necessarily an endorsement of all the aspects you see on its pages. POP GOD is an exploration into God’s presence and voice in the most present and vocal avenues our world uses to communicate.

For God is timeless. He exists in time and out of time. And He is present in the now. He is just as alive and vibrant and vocal today as He was 2000 years ago and He will be 2000 years from now.

This blog is an exploration of God in the present tense. For He still speaks every single day. He is present in the culture. He is present in the pop.

He is a POP GOD.



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