About Alex Doriot

IMG_5166.JPGMy name is Alex Doriot, and I see pop culture differently. 

My goal is to help others see God in the world around them. I believe God speaks to us in music, movies, tv shows, books, Youtube videos, wrestling matches, dog adventures, cupcakes, and just about everything else on the planet – as long as we are willing to listen.

I can’t help but see God in the world around me. A youth pastor of mine once did a series of lessons on random objects he asked us to bring to church every week. He would spontaneously speak on the connection between God and old tennis shoes, traffic lights, and turtle shells.

I wondered if I could do the same. I began to challenge myself to find a Biblical connection to at least one random, ordinary object everyday. Pretty soon it became one of my favorite habits. Not long after that it became my job.

In 2004 I began working in youth ministry. What started as volunteering on Wednesday Nights at my home church became a full-time position in 2008.

POP GOD is an outlet I created in February 2013 to connect the world to a God who is still speaking. It started as an home for all the illustrations I couldn’t fit into a youth group lesson and has become my out for exploring God’s presence in the present.

Over the past few years I’ve been honored to write for publications like The Augusta Chronicle, Faith Magazine, Bedlam Magazine and Venn Magazine. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak to some incredible churches and youth groups like those at First Baptist Church of Augusta, GA, Redemption Church in Augusta, GA, Friendship Community Church in Nashville, TN and True North Church of North Augusta, SC.

10511647_10203183200957028_5394879471246276171_oIn the fall of 2014 I moved to Atlanta with my new wife and our loyal guard dog The Roc to continue chasing our dreams. Since then I’ve spent time working in full-time youth ministry, as a speaker for a nationwide non-profit, and even doing some background acting work and running my first marathon!

Although The Roc has since left us, our family has grown to include Rosalita and Mr. Tiger. Kate and I are happily residing in Smyrna, GA now as we explore where God wants to use us next. I’m currently trying to pursue my dream of working in full-time camp ministry as a Games/Recreation director and Speaker, and I’d love to speak with your ministry about the unique services I can provide.

I’d love to for you to join me on this journey. Follow along on the POP GOD Facebook Page, on Twitter, or by subscribing to POP GOD to get new posts delivered straight to your inbox. Email me if you’ve got a question, idea, or the itch to write your own POP GOD post. Let me know when you’re passing through in Atlanta so you can stop by and we can enjoy a glass of Cheerwine or a cup of coffee together.



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