How To Ruin A Zombie Movie

Zombies are hot right now.

Whereas it seemed a few years ago that every horror movie wanted to focus on vampires in the shadow of “Twilight”, now we’re being bombarded with zombie movies and tv shows in the wake of “The Walking Dead”. Chances are this Halloween as you’re counting up your candy you’ll be watching some sort of zombie-tainment.

Zombie_design_for_Zombieland,_mainEvery form of zombie-tainment follows a pretty simple formula: some sort of infestation has devastated the world’s population. The infected become some sort of half-dead lumbering creatures whose sole mission is to feast on human flesh and brains in order to survive. Those who are still living do their best to run and survive.

That’s all well and good if you want to have a hit in Hollywood right now. Just cut and paste that synopsis, toss in some sort of romantic plot amongst the group of survivors, and boom – you’ll be $100 million richer in no time.

There is, however, a way you can ruin the seemingly foolproof formula of a zombie movie: instead of attacking others, have the zombies start serving others.
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A Brief Lesson From Your Phone


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Your phone wants to teach you something.

Go ahead and pull your phone out of your pocket. Have a look at it.

Remember what your phone used to look like 10 or 15 years ago. Remember what it used to do.

The word Phone used to mean “the device you use to talk with someone in a different area.”

Now the word Phone means “the device you use to check social media, get directions, take pictures, write email, play games, listen to music, watch movies, read my Bible and occasionally talk to someone via text or video chat.”

The name of the device in our pockets is still a Phone. But the definition of Phone has completely changed.

The times have changed. There’s no going back to the old definition of Phone.

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The Shortcut To Popularity

tumblr_li2ojiqJD51qgj47lI cannot stress to you enough the impact Zack Morris had on my life.

Every day before and after elementary school I watched reruns of “Saved By The Bell”. Sure, the show was funny. But really I was studying Zack Morris.

Zack Morris was the epitome of cool. The slicked back bleached blonde hair. The giant cell phone. The swagger.

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How To Give The Best Kind Of Gift

GUEST POST: Today’s contributor to POP GOD Christmas is my friend Sean Taylor. Sean is the Pastor of Chandler Baptist Church of Missouri. Sean was also a mentor to me when I first began pursuing ministry. I always said we should write a book together and blogging together is getting pretty close to that. Sean is one my favorite writers and blogs at Check him out, subscribe to his blog, and enjoy his contribution to POP GOD:

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 8.56.55 AM

We celebrated my daughter Darcy’s second birthday this week. The first gift she opened was a Disney mobile phone and purse.

She was so excited she did not want to open other presents. Instead, she screamed until we opened up the box and got out her plastic treasures. Eventually we coaxed her to tear open the other gifts… Continue reading

Stay Plugged In

photo (24)Last week I unplugged for a few days with my extended family. We rented out a rustic log cabin – on Fernandina Beach in Florida.

While spending time with relatives in our untraditional abode I really tried to unplug myself from my iPhone. It was a struggle.

The first couple of days at the beach I found it impossible to not worry about email, Facebook, Twitter and the many balls in the air I had going at the church.

It really wasn’t until the day before I headed I home when I really began to swim away from my phone, only to dive right back in as soon as I shook the sand from my flip-flops.

Do you ever struggle with unplugging? Our phones, jobs, and social media profiles make it nearly impossible to truly break free from the connections which clutter our minds.

I wonder though if unplugging is all it’s cracked up to be. I think we are actually created to be plugged in. Sometimes we just get our cords attached to the wrong outlets. Continue reading

Everything Is Amazing And Nobody Is Happy

(Click Here if you can’t see the video above.)

Where has the joy gone in our lives? We live in a most incredible time, and yet we find ourselves complaining and worked up over the most menial problems.

The technology we have in this time is beyond incredible. Yet, as Louis C.K. perfectly puts it, if our phones take a minute while going to space we become ungrateful brats. The miracle of flying through the air has become an incredible burden.DSC_0068

Think about this: if all the “things” in your life were taken away, all of your possessions, everything you have, even all the people you love, would you be able to be joyful? Would you still be grateful?

God has called us to be joyful always. But how? How can we exhibit joy in all situations? Continue reading

The Gospel According To Autocorrect

I love everything about my iPhone. Everything except Autocorrect.

You might think I would love a feature which automatically corrects my typing. I’ll admit it really is amazing how accurate autocorrect can be in fixing my myriad mistakes. Sometimes I can’t believe how intuitive my phone can be in figuring out what I’m trying to type.

What I don’t love is how much I depend on autocorrect. I’m afraid of how desperately I need it to fix my mistakes.

Without autocorrect, an average text message from me such as this one:

photo 1

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