A Brief Lesson From Your Phone


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Your phone wants to teach you something.

Go ahead and pull your phone out of your pocket. Have a look at it.

Remember what your phone used to look like 10 or 15 years ago. Remember what it used to do.

The word Phone used to mean “the device you use to talk with someone in a different area.”

Now the word Phone means “the device you use to check social media, get directions, take pictures, write email, play games, listen to music, watch movies, read my Bible and occasionally talk to someone via text or video chat.”

The name of the device in our pockets is still a Phone. But the definition of Phone has completely changed.

The times have changed. There’s no going back to the old definition of Phone.

The same could be said for my definition.

The definition of Alex Doriot used to be “sinner, criminal, adulterer, murderer, thief, lost soul.”

When I surrendered my life to Jesus my definition changed. Now I can say Alex Doriot is a “redeemed and beloved child of God.”

My name is still the same. But my definition changed when I met Jesus.

When you met Jesus so did yours. So why go back to the old definition? 

You are the same person you always were before you met Jesus. But saved by grace you have a new definition.

When you give your life to Jesus, you are not what you once you were. It’s time to live like it.

When you use the old definition to view yourself, you ignore the call of what God is really doing in your life.

You are better than the old definition. You are better than the old ways of life. There is a better you hidden behind the old definition the world still tries to hang on you.

A Phone used to be something completely different than it is today. Technology came in and gave it a completely different and greater purpose.

Your definition used to be something completely different than it is today. But God came in and gave you a completely different and greater purpose. He kept your name but redefined who you are.

Listen to the message your phone is sending you. Let the voice of God redefine how you see yourself.

Can you think of other words that have changed their definition over the years? What is your old definition? How has God redefined who you are?



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