Could You Do Me A Favor?

It’s been almost a year since I launched POP GOD. Creating this blog has been a long-running dream come true for me.

That’s all because of you – the reader. For every one of you who has read, shared, or commented on even one post, thank you. I don’t just write this blog for me. I write with the idea of opening up a conversation about the presence of God in our world. I write to hopefully encourage, inspire and challenge.

I know how many blogs and other sites are competing for your small window of time, and it means the world that anyone would give that time to me for something I wrote.

You put up with a lot of my plugs, with my typos, with bad posts and good posts. Thank you for being patient with me as I grow.

Could you do me one more favor? Could you take 3 minutes and fill out this feedback survey?

I want to make POP GOD a site you’ll keep coming back to. I want POP GOD to be a conversation we have together. I want to grow POP GOD into a community of believers seeking God in the present tense.

Answering these 7 short questions will go a long way in helping me make that possible.

So please be honest. Your answers are anonymous. I’ve got a thick skin – you won’t hurt my feelings with your true opinions. Thanks in advance.

Click Here to take the POP GOD Reader Survey on Survey Monkey


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