Could You Do Me A Favor?

It’s been almost a year since I launched POP GOD. Creating this blog has been a long-running dream come true for me.

That’s all because of you – the reader. For every one of you who has read, shared, or commented on even one post, thank you. I don’t just write this blog for me. I write with the idea of opening up a conversation about the presence of God in our world. I write to hopefully encourage, inspire and challenge.

I know how many blogs and other sites are competing for your small window of time, and it means the world that anyone would give that time to me for something I wrote.

You put up with a lot of my plugs, with my typos, with bad posts and good posts. Thank you for being patient with me as I grow.

Could you do me one more favor? Could you take 3 minutes and fill out this feedback survey?

I want to make POP GOD a site you’ll keep coming back to. I want POP GOD to be a conversation we have together. I want to grow POP GOD into a community of believers seeking God in the present tense.

Answering these 7 short questions will go a long way in helping me make that possible.

So please be honest. Your answers are anonymous. I’ve got a thick skin – you won’t hurt my feelings with your true opinions. Thanks in advance.

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Throwback Thursday: Making The Most Of Your MMMBOP

***Last week on the blog I asked for your requests and ideas for POP GOD. This week we have our first reader-requested post from my friend Ogden, who asked for a post on Hanson’s classic song “MMMBop”. If you have a current or classic pop culture item you’d like to see discussed on POP GOD, leave a comment and I will make your request happen:

Middle+Of+NowhereHas there ever been a song quite like “MMMBop”?

In 1997 the Hanson brothers exploded onto the pop scene with arguably the most infectious and nonsensical song of the 90s.

Everybody knew “MMMBop”. A lot of people still know “MMMBop”. Just play the video if you can’t quite remember the song and it should come rushing right back to your brain.

(Click Here if you can’t see the video above.)

You can sing the chorus right now. It’s just a bunch of nonsense bebops and dubadops.

But do you know the rest of the lyrics? Can you sing the other verses of “MMMBop”? Continue reading