The Breaking

Walter White never expected to be on the run. As the final season of “Breaking Bad” began last summer, the show flashed forward to a scene a year into the future. Walter White is on the lam in disguise using a stolen identity, running away rom God only knows what kind of violent pursuit.

When he began his descent into murderous meth-cooking kingpin, Walter White just wanted to get in and out of the drug business with a nest egg for his family.

Walter White never expected to become a drug dealer in the first place. He was just a chemistry teacher with no savings facing down a terminal lung cancer diagnosis which would bankrupt his family.

Of course, Walter White never expected to develop terminal lung cancer. No one ever plans on having cancer. Life just sort of breaks that way.

Life has a way of escalating quickly. Maybe not as quick as “Breaking Bad” or those DirecTV commercials. But the plans we construct for our lives always seem to be unraveling.

It may have already happened today by the time you’re reading this. Something unexpected came your way that you had no idea how to handle. Your plan for the day has already begun to spin out of control.

God has a way of breaking our hearts from their ties to this world. That’s because the moments when our plans break are the moments when faith is born.

When plans unravel, we search for another rope to hold onto. Instead of running to God we run to the next best idea we can come up with.

God wants to break us of our grip on a lifeline. He wants us to hold onto Him.

Jesus showed His disciples when they were on the same ship as Him that no storm could knock them off course. When we travel with God we can trust storms won’t steer our ship off the path either. We can stop worrying about which life preserver to wear and instead make the most of wherever the ship is heading.

You can’t predict every possibility in your day. Something wicked will probably come your way in the next 24 hours to knock you off course.

What will you do when the breaking begins? When everything you wanted to do becomes impossible, will you grow angry with God? Or will you toss off the life jacket of your plans and enjoy the ride with the Captain who controls the seas?

Whatever plans in life Walter White had were broken they day he found out he had cancer. Days will come when your plans will break too.

Fear not. The breaking is not bad.

How do you have faith when God breaks you from your plans?


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