How To Find A Hidden Immunity Idol

malcolm-freberg-survivor-caramoanThe immunity idol.

The only way to secure yourself another day in the game of Survivor.

Win an immunity challenge and you hold the idol until the next Tribal Council.

You cannot be voted out. You are safe.

A few seasons ago, Survivor producers tweaked the game by throwing in the wrench of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Now players could use clues and search around camps for secret idols buried in the sand which could grant them safety.

The hidden immunity idols have grown in importance (and frequency) in recent seasons, creating unmatched excitement as players scramble for the extra edge it provides. The idols have dramatically altered this season in Caramoan, giving us some of the best moments as Malcolm both saved and cursed himself with his idol behavior.

What makes Survivor the greatest reality show of all time is that it reflects and reveals truths in our own lives. We’re all searching for immunity idols. We all look for ways to stay alive a little longer.

Money. Fame. Friends. Romance. These are all idols we chase after to try and gain immunity and make our lives outlast this world.

Unfortunately there is no true immunity idol on Earth. None of us are getting out of this world alive.

Is there any fix to this? Is there any way to outlast our life and find immunity?

Maybe. Look at the life of Noah – a man who defines the word “outlast”.

Noah’s story kicks off in Genesis 6 – a world corrupt with sin, where “wickedness was widespread” and every scheme on man’s mind “was nothing but evil all the time.”

A midst all this sin there was one believer who found favor with God. Noah and his family were chosen to outlast the rest of the earth because Noah “walked with God”, swimming against the stream of sin.

When God called out to Noah he did not hasten. God gave Noah some heavy and complicated instructions to build the ark, but Noah did not think twice about sitting out this challenge. The task was mighty and overwhelming but Noah went to work, outplaying those around him.

Every day we face floods of conflict just, as Noah did, which try to discourage us from living a meaningful life. In these times we must trust in our alliance with God.

In Genesis Chapter 7, we see what happens when storms come against someone on God’s tribe. The waters that come down against the world don’t destroy Noah – they actually lift Noah’s ark up above the earth.

God does not intend to abolish all life in this story. No, the story of Noah is the story of one man tasked with saving the life of his family and rebuilding life itself after the flood. In actuality God is using Noah to save many lives through his actions.

Could it be this is what God wants to do with our lives as well? Could it be we are not meant to just pass through each day, but that God has created us to save lives? Could it be immunity comes not when we rescue ourselves, but when we sacrifice our lives for others?

I believe so. Saving lives is not just something doctors or missionaries do. We save lives by making the lives around us better, by putting others ahead of ourselves.

When we trust in our alliance with God, we don’t have to worry about our own safety any more. We can focus on bringing others into our tribe and getting them onto the ark of safety.

Immunity in life is the opposite of Survivor. We don’t gain immunity by saving ourselves. Instead, our lives live only through the lives we rescue.

What do you think of this season of Survivor? What “immunity idols” do you see people chasing after? How do you think your life can outlast this world? 


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