Can Christmas Lose Its Flavor?

photo-6Christmas tastes like Egg Nog.

For some, Christmas has a Peppermint taste. Gingerbread is the flavor of Christmas for others. Still many think Christmas has the flavor of a Chocolate Covered Cherry. (I will refuse to recognize the mentally unstable people who think Christmas tastes like Fruitcake.)

For me, though, Egg Nog is what my holiday palate craves. I wasn’t on the Egg Nog bandwagon until a few years ago. The name, color, and reputation of Nog was off-putting to me. But I decided to be adventurous and give it a shot.

I’ve been an Egg Nog advocate ever since, taking in all the different flavors including the famous Egg Nog Latte from Starbucks. (For the record, I’m not all that big on alcoholic Egg Nog. Just pour me a class of the rich, thick liquid without any add-ins and I’ll happily put it down.)

As the Christmas season wears on and my Egg Nog intake adds up, I begin wondering why the sweet treat isn’t available year-round. Why must my taste buds be deprived 11 months out of the year?

The question then becomes this: Would Egg Nog still be so special if it was available all year? Continue reading


How To Save Walter White


For months the internet has been breaking down “Breaking Bad”, the landmark television drama which comes to an end this Sunday.

What more really needs to be said about the greatest tv drama of all time (no argument)? What new perspective can anyone possibly offer on the deconstruction of Walter White?

Well, probably none. That being said, here’s my final, personal take on the man they call Heisenberg: This all could have been avoided. Continue reading

How To Find A Hidden Immunity Idol

malcolm-freberg-survivor-caramoanThe immunity idol.

The only way to secure yourself another day in the game of Survivor.

Win an immunity challenge and you hold the idol until the next Tribal Council.

You cannot be voted out. You are safe.

A few seasons ago, Survivor producers tweaked the game by throwing in the wrench of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Now players could use clues and search around camps for secret idols buried in the sand which could grant them safety.

The hidden immunity idols have grown in importance (and frequency) in recent seasons, creating unmatched excitement as players scramble for the extra edge it provides. The idols have dramatically altered this season in Caramoan, giving us some of the best moments as Malcolm both saved and cursed himself with his idol behavior.

What makes Survivor the greatest reality show of all time is that it reflects and reveals truths in our own lives. We’re all searching for immunity idols. We all look for ways to stay alive a little longer. Continue reading

You’re Right To Fight

(It’s Wrestlemania week on POP GOD! Join us everyday this week as we count down to Wrestlemania XXIX this Sunday with new posts searching for God in the squared circle.)

hoganandreWhat if Hulk Hogan never fought Andre The Giant?

What if instead The Hulkster was just handed a championship?

What if instead of bodyslamming the behemoth, Hulk Hogan just traveled the world talking about what a great athlete he was?

If Hulk Hogan was just a great speaker and never engaged in any battles, he would not have been my hero growing up.

Unlike so many people in the real world (and so many of today’s WWE stars), Hulk Hogan didn’t just talk about being the best wrestler in the world. He went into battle every night in arenas across the country to back up the words he said.

Hulk Hogan faced down conflict when it came after him – even in the form of a giant. Continue reading