Add More Weight

photo-13Life is full of routines.

You have your morning routine, your evening routine. You’ve got your school or work routine, and your afternoon-when-you-get-home-from-school-or-work routine.

You have relationship routines, family routines, holiday routines. You have your church routine, your faith routine.

With all the routines in life, it’s easy to feel stuck. Oftentimes it can feel like you’re not growing as a person or as a Christian.

Sometimes you need to do something different. Sometimes you need to break from the routine. Sometimes you need to challenge yourself.

Sometimes you need to Add More Weight.  Continue reading


How To Find A Hidden Immunity Idol

malcolm-freberg-survivor-caramoanThe immunity idol.

The only way to secure yourself another day in the game of Survivor.

Win an immunity challenge and you hold the idol until the next Tribal Council.

You cannot be voted out. You are safe.

A few seasons ago, Survivor producers tweaked the game by throwing in the wrench of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Now players could use clues and search around camps for secret idols buried in the sand which could grant them safety.

The hidden immunity idols have grown in importance (and frequency) in recent seasons, creating unmatched excitement as players scramble for the extra edge it provides. The idols have dramatically altered this season in Caramoan, giving us some of the best moments as Malcolm both saved and cursed himself with his idol behavior.

What makes Survivor the greatest reality show of all time is that it reflects and reveals truths in our own lives. We’re all searching for immunity idols. We all look for ways to stay alive a little longer. Continue reading

What To Do When You’re Stuck In The Middle

Goblet_fire_coverPop culture confession time: I am one of the last people in my generation who has never seen or read the complete Harry Potter saga.

It’s not because I think the series is demonic or promotes witchcraft or any moral reason like that. I actually did start reading the series about 13 years ago.

In fact I was the first kid in my class to get behind the books, introducing them to many of my friends. My mom saw them in a book catalog and brought the first one home to me.

I was hooked. I devoured the first three books. I even ordered the fourth book from overseas before it was released in the U.S. I was a megafan.

Then there was a gap between the fourth and fifth book. From what I remember this is when Potter-mania really started catching on in America, at least around the people at my school. Now seeing another person with a Harry Potter book was not strange; it had become the norm.

The first Harry Potter movie came out around this time too. And this was the beginning of the end of my fandom. I had great expectations, and to me that first movie did not ignite the same spirit as the first book did. I was sorely let down. Continue reading