You’re Right To Fight

(It’s Wrestlemania week on POP GOD! Join us everyday this week as we count down to Wrestlemania XXIX this Sunday with new posts searching for God in the squared circle.)

hoganandreWhat if Hulk Hogan never fought Andre The Giant?

What if instead The Hulkster was just handed a championship?

What if instead of bodyslamming the behemoth, Hulk Hogan just traveled the world talking about what a great athlete he was?

If Hulk Hogan was just a great speaker and never engaged in any battles, he would not have been my hero growing up.

Unlike so many people in the real world (and so many of today’s WWE stars), Hulk Hogan didn’t just talk about being the best wrestler in the world. He went into battle every night in arenas across the country to back up the words he said.

Hulk Hogan faced down conflict when it came after him – even in the form of a giant.

Hulk Hogan would not be anyone’s hero if he avoided conflict. The life of Jesus would not have the same meaning either if he had avoided conflict.

Without the struggles, persecution, accusations, arrest, and crucifixion, the life of Jesus would not be a story worth telling.

Sure, His teachings would still make a great handbook for how to live our lives. But without the conflict, Jesus would not be a savior.

There is no great story to be told about the Son of God coming down to Earth to sit high and mighty over everyone else, refusing to get His hands dirty. What makes the life of Christ so incredible is that He came down to our world to endure the agony of sin in order tell a greater story of salvation.

For this same reason, we must not shy away from conflict in our own lives. Every bone in our body urges us to do the opposite. Every instinct pushes us toward ensuring our safety and normalcy.

The comfort of complacency is undeniably attractive.

And certainly we would be fools to walk into unnecessary conflict. No sane person would jump off an airplane without a parachute.

But a life that runs from the conflicts of each day is a life that doubts the power of a God who overcame the greatest conflict of all.

If you don’t feel the need to trust God everyday, you’re not risking enough with your life.

You’re right to fight against conflict each day. Face down the obstacles that come your way. Stand up and fight them with the strength of a savior who did the same.

Don’t just talk about having faith. Practice your faith in battle against the giants of each day.


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