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4,040 days – the length of time Bruno Sammartino held the WWE (then WWWF) Championship in the 60s and 70s.

20 years – the length of time the WWE Hall Of Fame has existed and ignored Bruno Sammartino’s unmatched accomplishments.
BrunoSammartino02At this year’s WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony, one of the great injustices of professional wrestling will finally be righted. After over two decades of feuding and  refusing to appear, “The Living Legend” Bruno Sammartino will take his rightful spot in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

This is a momentous occasion for wrestling history. Sammartino has been at odds with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon since the 80s over the way McMahon commercialized and sexed up the wrestling industry. But the WWE’s new PG attitude seems to have bridged the gap between the two sides.

WWE is finally recognizing Sammartino’s incredible contributions to sports entertainment. A new generation of fans who never heard of his legend will get to see Sammartino’s accomplishments on TV, DVDs, and the internet.

To many pundits Bruno’s career, and his legend, will not be set in stone until he is granted his gold ring. This despite the fact that people like Koko B. Ware are already enshrined. (Also, so is Drew Carey. What?)

Does Bruno Sammartino need the Hall Of Fame? Would his legend die out without it?

I don’t think so. I think The Hall Of Fame needs him.

Being enshrined doesn’t change any of Bruno’s career accomplishments. If he never went down in history as a Hall Of Famer, his 8 year title reign would still proclaim his name as one of the greatest.

I think history speaks for itself, even when some people refuse to acknowledge it.

If the Bible did not exist, if somehow all records of scripture were burnt in a fire, God’s legacy would not somehow disappear. His actions would still echo through eternity. The stories would still be true.

God does not diminish just because some choose not to believe. His story does not lose importance.

God always knew despite His overwhelming power and legacy people would doubt Him. He knew generation after generation would refuse to believe and choose to ignore His hall of fame career.

Even knowing this, and seeing it for century upon century, God still sent Jesus. He still rescued His people. He still stood firm. He still loved.

He still does. His faithful love endures forever. (Psalm 136)

Bruno Sammartino could step back from the Hall Of Fame tomorrow. He does not need to be recognized. His record stands as a testament to his legend.

The record of God stands through the ages as well. History bears witness to the enduring character of God. No opinion or Hall Of Fame can add to or change that.

God is bigger than the world’s doubts. He doesn’t need our love. He calls us to love Him because He knows what’s best. He knows our hearts need something bigger to attach ourselves to, something greater than ourselves.

God will survive your doubts. Will you?

Don’t let the negative opinions or attitudes of others change what you believe. Don’t let doubters drag you down.

Believe what you want about God. It won’t change who He is. It will change who you are.

Who deserves to go into the WWE Hall Of Fame next? How do the attitudes of your peers influence your opinion about God? How do you stand firm in your faith when surrounded by unbelievers? Leave a comment below and join the conversation:


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