How To Be The Most Interesting Man In The World

Who do you think is the most interesting man in the world? You may be surprised, but my answer is not going to be the familiar spokesman in the Dos Equis commercials.

No, the man I think is the most interesting in the world has held a variety of jobs. He’s been a movie star, fisherman, toy inspector, musician and published author. He hobnobs with celebrities and has played a vital role in many historical encounters. And occasionally he gets into fights with a giant chicken.

That’s right, the most interesting man in the world is Peter Griffin, the main character of “Family Guy.”


If you’ve ever watched Family Guy, you know the show’s trademark – zany flashbacks. For example, Peter might say, “Remember that time when I stole the Declaration of Independence,” and the show will cut away to a crazy gag placing Peter in a famous movie scene or historical event. In doing so the show has placed Peter in the middle of nearly every pop cultural movement of the past 40 years.

You would think living such an incredible life would make Peter one of the most grateful men in the world. Yet through all his adventures, Peter Griffin never seems to truly be satisfied. His life never seems to change from day to day despite having such an interesting life. Through 11 seasons  and hundreds of incredible encounters, Peter Griffin is pretty much the same boorish, awful human being he’s always been.

I think that’s because Peter Griffin’s life is not intentional. He does not expect God to be at work in the moments of his life, and his life’s work is not surrendered to God. His life is interesting, but it has no purpose.

If you truly want to have a meaningful life, your life must have a purpose. And the greatest purpose you can have is to live out God’s expectations of your life.

I believe that God has two expectations for our lives: To live, and to live intentionally. This may sound like a simple expectation, but I think it’s ultimately the core value that our lives boil down to.

Living intentionally means having a purpose behind every day of your life and every action you take during that day. Michael Hyatt, author, blogger and chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishing, is a huge proponent of living an intentional life. In his blog post “Why You Aren’t Dead Yet”, Hyatt lists a series of ways you can tell if your life still has purpose. The first 3 are:

1) God has a purpose for every single person.

2) You won’t die until that purpose is fulfilled.

3) If you’re still alive, then you haven’t completed what you were put on earth to do.

Often in the monotony of our day-t0-day lives, we are prone to wonder whether our not our lives have any purpose. But we need to trust that God has a reason for keeping us here on this earth.

If we are still alive on this earth, God wants us to live. He sent his son to die for us not only so that we would be saved from the death of sin, but so that we would be given life to the full as well.

The thief approaches with malicious intent, looking to steal, slaughter and destroy; I came to give life with joy and abundance. (John 10:10, The Voice)

If you’re not dead yet, there’s a purpose behind why you’re still alive. Live like you have a reason to be here.

The trick to becoming the most interesting man in the world has nothing to do with hanging out with celebrities or cliff-diving in South America. Becoming the most interesting man in the world has to do with living with purpose.

If we are following God, He wants our purpose to be living, and living intentionally. He wants our intention to be drawing closer to Him each day, surrendering more of our life over to Him.

Don’t live a Peter Griffin life, full of experience but without any purpose. Invite God into every aspect of your life, being sanctified unto Him more and more each day and each moment. Expect God to exceed your expectations.

What do you think God expects of us? What does God expect of His creation? How would you make your life more interesting? Join the discussion and leave a comment below:


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