The Master’s Invitation

masters invite

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I think the most beautiful thing about The Masters tournament is that once you win, you’re in for life.

One of the coolest aspects of the tournament is seeing all of the past winners come back and compete year after year. It doesn’t matter how old they are or how competitive they’ve been in other tournaments. If you’ve won a Masters Tournament before then you’re allowed to come back and compete in every Masters Tournament after that.

Not every golf tournament works this way. For most other tournaments you must qualify to be able to compete. You have to be playing at a top level to be extended an invitation to play.

But there is no expiration date on the rewards of a Masters victory.

This too is The Master’s Invitation to us – once you win, you’re in for eternity.

You’re not going to get kicked out of the clubhouse. You’re not going to have your invitation rescinded. You’ve won the ultimate prize, and you’re now able to reap the rewards forever.

What comes along with this lifetime invitation is a responsibility to play the game. The invitation is wasted if you’re just going to relax in the clubhouse satisfied with your victory.

Instead head on back to the tee box. Join the other competitors. Do the work set before you set free from the burden of earning the victory.

God clothes us with the jacket of eternal life when we give our lives over to Him. We don’t have to meet some standard to ensure that our invitation will stay valid.

We can live boldly and confidently in the lifetime invitation from The Master. 

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