Cookie Monster’s Good Friday Message


No one likes to wait for cookies.

We all want to enjoy warm, freshly baked cookies. But to enjoy them we must wait for them to cook in the oven. And the waiting can be agonizing – especially if you’re Cookie Monster.

Sure, you can always buy pre-baked cookies. They’re fine. I would never turn down a cookie of any kind.

But there’s something special about the cookies you have to wait for. That’s why Cookie Monster is willing to endure what seems like forever to get his sweet reward.

It’s not just cookies we hate to wait for. Our patience is tested daily in our “on demand” world. We must remember though that good things come to those who wait.

On Good Friday Jesus made the world wait.

Though He only spent what amounted to a few hours in the tomb, the waiting was unbearable for the followers who did not understand He would be returning. The days without Jesus must have seemed like they would never end.

Then on Easter morning the timer went off and Jesus returned bringing with Him the most incredible gift.

Today we continue to wait for Jesus to return again. It seems like it’s taking forever for Him to come back.

We must remember that just as before the wait will be worth the glorious reward that comes with it. What seems like eternity waiting around for Jesus will have nothing on the true eternity we’ll spend with Jesus when He returns.

Until then, let’s avoid becoming like Cookie Monster, breaking down in despair as we watch the seconds slip by so slowly.

For God has given us much to do while we wait. If we truly go about His task of making disciples of the world then the time will fly by. Before we know it we’ll be enjoying the sweet rewards of our Savior forevermore.

And you just know the cookies Jesus has waiting for us are going to be incredible.

Happy Good Friday. 


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