Monday Morning Music: All Your Favorite Bands

It’s Monday.

Your mind is consumed with all things you have to do for all the things you have due.

After a weekend full of forgetting all your cares, the alarm on your phone reawakens all your troubles.

If only there was a simple solution. If only there was a way to stop worrying about all your problems. If only there was a way to take your mind off of yourself.

Maybe you could use a little Monday Morning Music.

dawes-albumOver the past few years Dawes has been churning out raw and honest music that hearkens back to the glory days of Jackson Browne and other west coast songwriters. While many of their songs tell long and intricate stories, the title track to their latest album tells a simple one.

“All Your Favorite Bands” is just two verses about one friend who wakes up thinking about another friend. With a a smile on his face and sleep in his eye the singer takes a moment to hope his friend is doing well wherever they might be.

The person in the song is not trying to win the heart of someone. They’re just sending up a musical prayer for them – hoping that life is turning out well, that the world is seeing the best version of that friend, and (most importantly) that all their favorite bands are still together.

I wonder what the world would look like if we all took a moment each morning to put our own concerns aside and lift up a similar prayer for our friends and family. 

When I worked at Kohls last year, I was often consumed with self-loathing and despair at my lot in life. Every day I clocked in and immediately became burdened with the weight of my work. Organizing the shelves of shoes each morning was a mind-numbing task.

One morning to pass the time as I straightened each box of shoes on the rack I decided to do something in different. Instead of letting my mind drift into depression, I decided to take some time to pray for someone.

As I worked through my task of straightening the shoe department, I let each shelf represent someone in my life. Whomever popped into my head as I started rearranging a new row I would spend a moment lifting up a simple prayer for.

Something kind of crazy happened on the days when I would do this. The hours at work seemed to sail by so much smoother when I took my mind off myself and focused on others. The waves of fear and doubt and anger subsided momentarily as my mind filled with hope and love optimism for the people in my life.

Worrying about your own problems is exhausting. I think that’s because we’re not supposed to do it in the first place.

Jesus once asked, “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” I think instead we are supposed to trust in God’s providence for our own lives and use the energy we would normally spend worrying about ourselves instead on others.

As you head into the office today you will be tempted to let your tasks consume you. Your mind will tell you that you only have time for yourself. Instead of focusing on the work piling up around you, work some time for prayer into your work routine.

The best way to take your mind off your problems is to take a moment and take your mind off your self. 

Sing an unselfish song today. Send up a simple prayer for the next person who randomly pops into your head. You’ll find even a few moments of lifting up thoughts for others will be uplifting for your spirit.

Something so simple as praying for a friend’s favorite band can affect the outlook of your day. You’ll be amazed at how insignificant the voices of your own worries will become when you drown them out with prayer for others.

What’s a way that you can work some time for prayer into your work routine today?


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