Want To Be Like Brad Pitt? Do This:

CaptureIf you ever doubt your dream due to your current lot in life, try watching “The Tonight Show.” (I personally adore Jimmy Fallon, but really this experiment works with any late night talk show.)

You’ve seen it before. The host will ask the celebrity guest about their earlier work. The guest will hem and haw about their humble beginnings. Inevitably they tell an amusing story about the bad commercial work they had to do to pay the bills.

Then the host will “surprise” them by digging up said commercial and broadcasting it to the world. A commercial like this:

(Click Here if you can’t see the video above)

It’s a tried and true talk show bit. It’s also an important lesson for every dreamer out there.

Celebrities – they’re just like us!

No one becomes famous overnight. Sure, you might can end up on Good Morning America a after posting a video of yourself dancing to the latest Taylor Swift song in your cop car.

But the people who have true long term success in life, the Brad Pitts and Tom Hanks of the world, did not become stars right off the bat. They endured Pringles Commercials and “Bosom Buddies” – the bottom of the entertainment barrel.

Being stuck at the bottom is not a bad thing. It’s a pivotal part of your story.

Overnight successes are boring to interview. The truly successful people of the world make great talk show guests because they have painful and embarrassing anecdotes of their story to share.

I can’t wait to hold up my department store name badge on some stage and laugh about where I once had to work to pay the bills on the way to my dream.

If you want to be like Brad Pitt, don’t get down about working a job that isn’t quite what you dreamed of doing. Do your best in the potato chip commercials as you work your way up the ladder. Think of them as an essential part of your story. Then be willing to look back and laugh at them when you reach your “Tonight Show” moment in your career.

You’re living the moments you’ll get to look back and laugh about later, smiling as you think about how far you’ve come.

What embarrassing job will you get to talk about one day when you reach your “Tonight Show” moment in life?


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