How To Turn Hate Into Love

What happens when the commercial you’ve produced to promote your graham cracker company ignites a firestorm over gay marriage?

You turn hate into love. 

Earlier this year Honey Maid released a commercial called “This Is Wholesome”. It depicted a number of modern families enjoying their products including an interracial family and a child with two dads.

(Click Here if you can’t see the video above)

Of course, as everything does on the internet these days, this simple commercial caused some extremists to lose their minds spouting off hateful tweets and emails about the company’s lack of morals.

It’s incredible. The things we work so hard on to share with the world can sometimes be completely rejected. What we planned to be beautiful and inspiring often becomes ugly and falls on deaf ears.

So what do you do when the gift you offer to the world gets rejected?

You do this:

(Click Here if you can’t see the video above)

Honey Maid literally took the hate from their detractors and turned it into love. Even if you don’t agree with their original message, it’s pretty hard to argue with the beauty of this response.

On this Good Friday, Jesus did the same thing with all the hate from the world.

He offered a incredible gift that a small but vocal group of haters rejected. They hung Him on a cross in the ultimate boycott of His beliefs.

And what did Jesus do? He turned hate into love. 

Jesus turned His murder into a sacrifice for all sin. He turned the rejection of the people into the gift of eternal forgiveness.

As Holy Week and the season of Easter come to a close this weekend, remember that the message of hate the world tries to bombard you with is minuscule compared to the message of love Jesus came to offer.

Find forgiveness in your heart for the haters. Don’t let their words weigh you down.

Instead turn their attempts to tear you down into a work of art. Turn hate into love. 

“Forgive us our trespasses as we also forgive those who trespass against us…”

Happy Good Friday.


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