How To Change Someone’s Life 35 Years From Now

Here’s the weirdest headline you’ll see today:


Yep. That’s international recording star Lorde and baseball Hall of Famer George Brett. Of all the people in the world to meet yesterday, they did too.

Here’s where it gets really weird. Apparently Lorde was inspired to write her smash hit song “Royals” because she saw a picture of George Brett in his Kansas City Royals uniform signing autographs to kids. So she wrote her song about fame and success and culled the idea of Royals from Brett’s jersey.

I’m not kidding. Apparently this is all true. 

There is no possible way George Brett could have known back in 1979 the just by doing his day job of playing baseball that he would one day inspire a 17-year-old from New Zealand to write the hit song that would make her famous. But it happened.

Here’s the lesson:

You can’t possibly know how you just being you is inspiring people today or will inspire people one day 35 years into the future.

What if you decided to live each day with this mindset, trusting that God is using you just being you to inspire people?

If you actually believed that, can you imagine how it would change the way you look at the mundane, boring, and stressful days which sap the our souls of joy?

You could redeem the seemingly meaningless days into something altogether incredible.

I’m sure George Brett had an “If you would have told me…” moment when he heard about Lorde. I’m sure he never thought his baseball career would lead to a Grammy winning song by a teenager from the other side of the world in 2013. But it did.

You just can’t tell how God is using the ordinary things you do to lead to extraordinary circumstances.

Your life may never allow you to be a Royal. But who are we to say who we are influencing today? And who knows who we will influence 40 years from now by just being us and doing what comes naturally? 

The pressure is off. Your life is not meaningless. Just go be you the best that you can today. God will take care of the rest.


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