What To Do When You Get Everything You Ever Wanted

(It’s WrestleWeek on POP GOD! In celebration of Wrestlemania XXX this Sunday we’ll be looking at the intersection of faith and wrestling. You don’t have to be a fan to hop in the ring on this journey. Read on and see how this fake sport provides rich lessons for anyone who’s grappling with God.)

I remember when The Golf Channel launched in 1995. Living in Augusta, GA The Golf Channel came standard on our cable package. It was the first specialized network I remember coming on television, a channel devoted entirely to one sport.

010814_wwe-network_600As my parents watched The Golf Channel and I sat on the floor playing with my wrestling figures, I wondered if one day there might be a WWF Network.

19 years later my dream came true when the WWE Network launched (ok, my dream was one letter off).

The WWE Network is a 24/7 streaming video channel and on demand library. It’s a pretty revolutionary concept and is changing the landscape of the pro wrestling business.

For just $9.99 a month viewers get access to every major wrestling show of the past 30 years, plus every future pay-per-view event. Then there’s all the classic episodes of Monday Night Raw I grew up watching with the likes of Razor Ramon, Yokozuna, and Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

The catalog of programming is overwhelming in scope. It’s everything I ever wanted it to be and so much more.

So why am I not more excited about The WWE Network?

The idea of an all-wrestling all-the-time channel was on my mind for years. I swore I would take a week off work if such a network ever launched just to take it all in.

Instead I find myself piddling around with it right before I fall asleep at night, hardly even cracking the surface of the limitless library.

I wonder why the WWE Network doesn’t fulfill me like I expected it to do

If the network had come out 5 years or so ago I think my story might be different. Lately though my dreams have changed.

I find myself less obsessed with a 24/7 wrestling network. I find myself less engaged with television and more consumed with the work to be done before me.

You see, I feel I have a story to tell in this life. I have goals I want to accomplish with this blog. I have a book I want to write. Jobs I want to apply for. A wedding to plan. Goals to accomplish.

Most of all I want my life to matter. I don’t want to just consume. I want to create. 

Consuming copious amounts of the WWE Network doesn’t really fit anywhere into those plans.

We are all called to create in this life. Our creator created us in His image to go and be creative. He sustains our every want and need so we can go out and work to this purpose.

Jesus once told the story of a rich man who got everything he ever wanted. He stored up all his riches in a warehouse, greedily trying to keep it all to himself.

Only he never got to enjoy any of his riches. He died with all his wealth stacked in a storage unit.

Now, I don’t think that means I should be spending all time taking in this wealth of wrestling programming at my hands.

I think it means I shouldn’t miss out on the world beyond the storehouse.

Having a channel devoted entirely to wrestling is incredible. I know I’ll get around to enjoying it when I need to turn my brain off for a bit to recharge.

Believe me, there’s plenty of days where I fall short of my goals. There are days where I slack off and don’t really accomplish anything, indulging in the vices I think will fulfill me.

What I’m learning though is that having everything I want on the earth won’t satisfy me. Only a 24/7 dependence upon my savior will.

Have you ever been disappointed by something you always wanted?



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