Why Sequels Suck

terminator-2-1991-28-gTerminator 2: Judgment Day is the best sequel of all time.

You may argue otherwise. But you would be wrong.

The first Terminator movie is a decent 80s action flick. It’s more focused on Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, and their struggle to protect her unborn (and unconceived) son than it is the Terminator trying to kill her, played in an almost comically wooden fashion by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In fact, the famous “I’ll be back” line from the film is just a throwaway line the Terminator offers as he assesses how to break down a doorway to get to Sarah Connor. (Also, dig that rad 80s synthesizer score!)

The Terminator is a fun movie, but ultimately nothing special. When the sequel hit theaters in 1991, it changed everything.

No longer was the Terminator the bad guy trying to hunt down Sarah Connor. He was now the hero sent back in time to protect John Connor, the future rebel leader.

Gone were the low budget special effects (and 80s score). In were revolutionary computer graphics and a Guns ‘N Roses soundtrack.

While The Terminator was a pretty good popcorn flick, Terminator 2 was an epic, revolutionary piece of action cinema that actually makes a statement about society and technology.

Most sequels settle. Terminator 2 was the rare sequel which improved upon the original movie.

A typical sequel takes what worked from the first movie and tries to recreate it with a bigger budget. The worst and sadly the most common sequels will simply just copy and paste the original script and change the scenery around (see The Hangover Part II). 

That’s not what Jesus did.

When Jesus disappeared for 3 days after His death, His sequel on the Earth blew people’s minds. He did not just continue living as He had previously. He changed the game.

The return of Jesus expanded upon His original life. He offered something even greater than He did in His original run.

He offered salvation. He offered the Holy Spirit. He offered victory over death.

When He returns again, Jesus won’t just copy and paste His actions from the gospels. He will do a great new work as He rescues God’s people for all eternity.

Until then, we should not waste our time reliving the script of our old lives.

If something has changed in us, if we have truly been rescued by the grace of God, the second chapter of our lives should not be the typical sequel.

Our new lives, transformed by grace, should toss out the old script and expand upon our identity and story, daring to dream something greater for our second chance at life.

Most sequels suck because they settle for trying to recreate what previously worked.

The great sequels take an established character and universe and do something different, creating a new and adventurous story with higher aspirations than the original.

Let your life with Christ be the best kind of sequel to your old way of life, raising the bar on the type of story you tell in this world. 

What do you think is the greatest sequel of all time? How does the “sequel” of your life with Christ compare with your life before salvation?


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