Crock Pot God

I might have been the only 26-year-old male on the planet who was excited to get a crock pot for Christmas.

For a few months I had been hearing some of my married friends talk about how much they enjoyed using their crock pots and how easy they were to use. As someone who enjoys food and things that are easy, I placed a crock pot on my Christmas list.

I had never used a crock pot until I unboxed the present and prepared a bacon-wrapped chicken recipe that ended up being just delightful (check it out). As I set the timer for the first time and prepared to leave the house, I started to get nervous.

“Would this really work? Is my house going to burn down?  What is a crock?” These were the burning questions on my mind. I couldn’t help but check the meal every hour to see if it was really working.

Of course, as all you experienced slow cookers out there know, all of my checking and stirring did not do any good. The beauty of the crock pot is once you toss the ingredients in and turn it on, you’re good to go.

You don’t have to keep worrying about it. You don’t have to reset it every hour. You don’t have to stay close to it. You’re covered. To borrow a line from a classic infomercial of my youth, all you have to do is, “Set it and forget it!”

We serve a Crock Pot God. The beauty of our relationship with God is once we know Him and give our lives to Him, our relationship with Him is secure. Our sins are accounted for in the past, present, and future.

You don’t have to keep questioning God’s love and forgiveness. Once you’re forgiven, you are forgiven for eternity. You are loved for eternity. It’s unconditional.

We don’t have to second guess God, just like we don’t have to second guess a crock pot. We don’t have to worry about our salvation slipping away because of some stupid mistake we made. We are saved by grace through faith, not on account of our own actions (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Of course, if you go too long without going back to your crock pot, bad things will happen. Food can overcook. A wire could short out. You can’t just leave the food in there forever and expect nothing to happen. You have to clean it out after every use to prepare for the next one.

The same goes with God. You can’t just set up your relationship and forget about it.

You must go back to Him daily in prayer. You must stay connected to Him. You must release your burdens each day and prepare for the next one at hand.

Set your relationship with God. Trust you don’t have to worry about His love each day. But don’t forget it.

What other household items do you see God reflected in? And what are some good crock pot recipes? Leave a comment below and join the conversation:


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