Monday Morning Music: Start Again

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It’s the first Monday of 2014.

Your week may be starting off full of the promise and resolve of a brand new year.

Or you may have already screwed everything up in the past 5 days.

Wherever you are, know this: It’s ok. Today is a new day. Today is your second chance. Today you can start again.

Here’s the perfect song to remind you today is a great day for a do-over. It’s called “Start Again” by Counting Crows (the original version of the song is by Teenage Fanclub).

“Start Again” is a simple song that repeats the same refrain multiple times. It’s the story of one person telling another, “Even though it’s complicated, we’ve got time to start again.”

I love how the song loops around over and over again. It’s like with every verse the main character is waking up on a new day reminding himself to put the past behind him and start over.

No matter where you were last night or what you’re facing today, if you’re alive and breathing than you’ve still got time to work it out.

Starting again can be daunting and overwhelming. Starting all over can make you just want to give up.

Remember starting again doesn’t have to mean you’re starting from the bottom. It can be more like starting over in a video game.

When you fail in a video game, you don’t always have to start a level all over again. Most games let you start a new life right where you left off.

God’s grace does the same thing for us. He picks us up where we fell down and let’s us start again on life.

He doesn’t hold grudges. He doesn’t make us earn our way back into His good graces.

He just gives us a night of rest, sets us back on path, and tells us to “Start again.”

I’d love to know: where you are starting again this Monday? 


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Music: Start Again

  1. Alex, just let me say again how much I enjoy and appreciate the wisdom, time and effort you put into your blogs. The words are thrown out there in faith, and I know from experience there’s someone out there who catches and runs with them. So, bless you for this.
    As for my first Monday of 2014, no comparison to so many spent in depression, in the doldrums, in anxiety about what’s next. Just no words to express what God has done for me the last two or three years. I have been given a new life in Him, although I have proclaimed to be a Christian, and have been as far as believing that God sent Jesus as my Savior, since I was eleven (six decades ago). But it’s different now – He is real to me, He has given me confidence and purpose, which I felt was lacking after raising my children, and a few grand children.
    I am filled with gratitude – my cup runneth over.

    • Thanks for always reading Bobbie. Your comments are a great encouragement. It’s so wonderful to hear God working in your life in such a way. I pray you grow closer and closer to Him in 2014!

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