How To Beat Writer’s Block With Organic Tea

I could not write yesterday.

I woke up early with the intent of using the extra hour of from Daylight Savings to pump out a world-changing, life-affirming blog post for today.

When I sat down to type nothing came out.

Gibberish. Half-sentences. Cliches. Garbage.

I stood up. Ate some yogurt. Read the Bible. Walked the dog. Took a shower. All in the hope that words would come to me.

Still nothing.

I left for church disappointed and defeated by my sole morning task.

Then, as I sat in the service, I saw it.

photo 1The tag hanging off the tea bag in my girlfriend’s cup. There was a simple message inscribed on it:

photo 2“Your choices will change the world.”

Sometimes messages from God come when you least expect them. Sometimes God speaks through organic tea bag tags.

You have the choice everyday as to how your life will impact the world.

Will you choose to ignore God and the many messages He is sending? Will you choose to sit still and impact the world through not sharing your talents and gifts? Will you stay quiet when the world needs to hear you voice?

Or will you keep your eyes open? Will you choose to be used by God? Will you keep seeking God even when He is hard to find?

I started POP GOD with the intent to help people see God in the world around them. A wise teacher from my old church taught me how to do this.

He used to do spontaneous object lessons for the youth and children. A student would bring in a random item inside a shoebox – a leaf, a button, a G.I. Joe figure.

The teacher would take out the item and off the top of his head come up with an illustration of how God could be seen in the object.

Ever since then I’ve wondered if I could do the same. I challenge myself to find random objects and come up with a way to see God in them. It’s a great trick to overcoming writer’s block and to strengthening one’s faith.

If you are looking for God and not seeing Him, make sure to do a 360 degree scan of everything around you.

If you look hard enough you can see God in music, movies and tv shows. You can see God in your shoes and your shampoo. You can see God in doors and doughnuts. You can see God in origami and in organic tea labels.

If you’re feeling blocked, choose to keep looking for inspiration.

Your choice might just change the world.

What’s a random way you’ve seen God in the world around you today?


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