How To Beat Writer’s Block With Organic Tea

I could not write yesterday.

I woke up early with the intent of using the extra hour of from Daylight Savings to pump out a world-changing, life-affirming blog post for today.

When I sat down to type nothing came out.

Gibberish. Half-sentences. Cliches. Garbage.

I stood up. Ate some yogurt. Read the Bible. Walked the dog. Took a shower. All in the hope that words would come to me.

Still nothing.

I left for church disappointed and defeated by my sole morning task.

Then, as I sat in the service, I saw it. Continue reading


POP GOD POPcast: Episode 1 – Clay Bagby


Welcome to the latest addition to POP GOD – the POP GOD POPcast. Throughout the next few weeks I’ll be interviewing different people in the Augusta community and beyond who are seeking God and sharing his message in unique ways.

This week’s guest is Clay Bagby, Young Life Augusta Area Director. Clay talks about growing up in Augusta and coming back to his home town and alma mater to lead Young Life. He shares one of the best pranks he ever committed, his views on pop culture’s effect on today’s teens, how he got involved with Young Life, and more. Plus Clay takes our first ever POP Quiz! You’ll really enjoy this look into one of Augusta’s leaders in youth ministry. It’s a great listen for anyone in Augusta or anyone not in Augusta who wants to hear a unique perspective on ministry.

I’m so excited to open up POP GOD into a new area and share with you other’s stories of seeking God in the present tense. I’d love to hear your feedback. Leave me a comment and let me know how to improve things, what you’d like to hear discussed, and give me your ideas as to who you’d like to see on the POPcast.

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