The Door

photo-4There is an evil door in my house.

There is a door where darkness breaks through the cracks.

When the door opens all hope and joy evacuates the room leaving only loneliness and despair.

The evil door in my house is the door I close leaving my dog behind when I leave the house.

The door is my dog’s greatest enemy. When I move toward the door he follows at my feet, begging me not to leave him behind. When I close the door my dog begins to cry.

I make sure to leave DOG TV on, but my dog’s favorite tv show can only distract him for so long.

When the door closes my dog’s best friend has left the room. To him I may as well have left forever.

The confusion sets in quickly. My dog has no concept of where I am going or when I may return or that I may even be out shopping for his food and treats.

I don’t know exactly what my dog does when he is alone. I don’t know how deep the depression sets in. I can only gauge by what I hear when I leave and what he does when I return.

For you see, when I walk back through the same door I left my dog becomes ecstatic. He literally jumps out of joy. He spins in circles. He lets out yelps of excitement. He cannot contain his happiness.

The door which just hours before brought darkness now brings light. The master once thought gone forever is back and ready to bring his best friend out on the leash.

God often uses what hurts and frightens us to reveal His glory to us.

The door which once brought pain and fear can quickly become that which brings our greatest joy. A door which looked locked and deadbolted can all of the sudden reopen bringing unexpected blessings.

All because of a savior who left through one door and came back through carrying the gift of eternal life. He is able to redeem our darkest moments, shining His brilliant light through them and turning them into our greatest blessings.

We’re still waiting on our Master to return through the door again. We sense the darkness closing in, often forgetting His promise to open the door and bring us into salvation.

May we not be so shortsighted as my dog. Let us be bold in this life as we patiently await the door opening again.

What is your greatest fear? How does God’s arrival through the door redeem your fear and suffering?


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