How To Live Before You’re Dead

Would you want to know the way you die?

In the movie “Big Fish”, young Edward Bloom and his friends seek out the neighborhood witch. The rumor is she has a magical glass eye. If you look into the eye, you’ll see the way you die.

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Seeing the way he dies is a turning point in Edward Bloom’s life. While his friends are frightened by the witch’s visions, Bloom smiles as looks into his future saying with a nod, “Oh, so that’s how I go.”

From then on Edward Bloom leads an inspired life. His life becomes a tall tale so large his son refuses to believe all the incredible stories.

Edward Bloom was able to live fearless because he got over the most common fear every man faces – the fear of dying.

Once he knew how he would die Edward Bloom never had to be afraid of anything else. After all, no matter how scary the situation, he knew whatever he faced would not kill him. He would survive until the moment he saw in the witch’s eye.

There is no magic eye for you to look inside to find your fate. But as a Christian you get something better than knowing how you die.

As a Christian you get to know what happens after you die.

Christ’s followers are promised eternal salvation. Because we know God is on our side, because we believe there is something better than this world, we are set free.

The confidence of salvation ought to enable unmatched bravery.

After all, what’s the worst that could happen to you in this world? Death? Death has lost it’s sting when you wear the armor of God because we believe death brings about something greater than life.

Once you are confident in what happens after your death you have the power to face down anything you fear in life. You have an eternal crashpad to catch you no matter how hard you fall.

You know you will survive until God is ready to take you from this world. When He’s ready God will take you to a better place than this. With confidence in eternity you can truly live before you die.

This is not an invitation to go skydiving without a parachute. Confidence in eternity does not enable us to be foolish in this life.

This is a calling to look fear in the eye, shrug, and smile as you get on with your business.

Would you look into the witch’s eye like Edward Bloom to see how you die? How does your relationship with God affect what you fear?


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