So You Think You Can Doubt

Time to come clean and reveal a dirty little secret. My favorite guilty pleasure of the summer is a show called “So You Think You Can Dance.”

I’m a fan of reality shows which track and reward a contestant’s growth over the course of the series. “Survivor”, older seasons of “American Idol”, even “Celebrity Apprentice”. I love seeing real people face down seemingly insurmountable challenges and overcome them, learning more about themselves and life along the way.

(Also I have an unhealthy crush on host Cat Deeley.)

But what I love most about “So You Think You Can Dance” is the moment of doubt.

“Dance” brings together the best amateur dancers from every different genre and challenges them to learn a new style every week. Tappers try their hand at Ballroom, Hip Hoppers do their best with Disco, etc.

Before every dance the audience gets a peek into the rehearsal sessions. The rehearsal footage is always the same. Always.

The two dancers are having difficulty partnering and learning the new style. Partners are being dropped. Steps are being forgotten. The choreographer gets frustrated. The couple questions whether they can get their act together before the show.

The package ends in suspense as the audience awaits the routine.

Most of the time it looks something like this:

(Click here if you can’t see the clip above.)

Every single time the doubts are unfounded. Sure some dances end up better than others, but no one ever completely forgets the steps. They never drop anyone on their head. Things almost always come off flawlessly.

You’d think these dancers would learn to have a little faith. Every episode the doubts remain the same.

Learning to conquer our doubts with faith does take a while though. Even with a God who comes through for us every single time, we tend to go through the same steps as these dancers.

Whatever dance we’re preparing for currently seems to be the most difficult thing we’ve ever attempted. As the days go by it appears impossible we’ll ever make it to the stage. Despite God always coming through for us in the past it looks like He may not do it this time.

Then, when the lights hit the stage, God comes through. Like He always does. Our doubts are unfounded. Our God is able.

His timing is just a little bit different than ours.  He sleeps through storms because He knows they’re under control. He challenges us to have the same peace.

Next time you’re doubting God as you’re about to hit the dance floor, think back to your previous routines. Remember His promises. Remember His history. In the words of Psalm 103, “do not forget all His blessings.”

Where are you doubting God today? How has He come through for you in the past? How can remembering the past help you in present struggles?


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