Create Like R.L. Stine

goosebumpsWho didn’t love Goosebumps as a kid?

If grew up in the 90s, there were 3 things that were always in your bookbag: an emergency supply of Gushers, one of those different color eraser pen things, and the latest ‘Bumps book. (Did people call them ‘Bumps? They totally should have.)

One man was responsible for revolutionary children’s horror anthology. Say his name with me:

R.L. Stine.

R.L. Stine churned out 62 Goosebumps books between 1992 and 1997 – an average of over 10 books per year! That’s not including the 50 Give Yourself Goosebumps create-your-own-adventure style books, plus 74 episodes of the television series based on the books, plus the Fear Street series he published at the same time aimed at teenagers.

Before Harry Potter began weighing down children’s backpacks, R.L. Stine was the undisputed king of kid’s literature.

But this blog is not about R.L. Stine the Goosebumps author.

Last week I read an interview on The A.V. Club with Stine. The interview focused on another aspect of his career.

What I learned in the interview completely redefined my childhood. Before a page of Goosebumps was ever written R.L. Stine worked on another landmark project: Continue reading

Why The Church Should Not Evolve

blockbuster_1250Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away. (Matthew 24:35)

The video store is dead.

This is not really news. The video store has been on life support for years. And in some rural communities Mom and Pop movie rental shops are still hanging in there.

But after years of fighting a terminal, self-inlicted disease, Blockbuster finally decided to shutter its final 300 stores. Continue reading

What If Arrested Development Fails?

arrested“What if it fails?”

It’s a question near and dear to the heart of every “Arrested Development” fan. For 7 years we’ve been clamoring and campaigning to bring the cult hit back to the airwaves.

There have been many false starts and glimmers of hope, hints and clues dropped by various stars that a reunion might occur.

Then out of the blue came the confirmation: “Arrested Development” was really and truly coming back. And not just for a brief reunion, but for an all new fourth season.

Come on! This was unthinkable news. The cult of “Arrested Development” has been steadily rising since the show went off the air in 2006. Many young adults discovered the show on DVDs borrowed from friends who couldn’t help telling people they were making a huge mistake if they had not seen it.

This Sunday all 15 episodes of the fourth season debut on Netflix. Still, the question remains in articles like this from The Hollywood Reporter: What if it fails? Continue reading