Han Solo, Ron Burgundy, and The Insufficient Resurrection

Hollywood is obsessed with the resurrection right now. And I don’t mean a sequel to “The Passion Of The Christ”.

I’m talking about the resurrection of past successes. Take a look at just a few of the movies and tv shows getting ready to relaunch after years of dormancy:

Star Wars Episodes 7/8/9. Anchorman 2. A Dumb and Dumber Sequel. The Boy Meets World continuation Girl Meets World. The Veronica Mars movie. A new season of 24. Another new season of Arrested Development. Seriously – that’s just a sampling of the classics Hollywood is resurrecting.

You’d think I might be uncontrollably excited about a few of these. Anchorman is probably the funniest movie of the past decade. Dumb and Dumber is my favorite comedy of all time. But I’m pretty much dreading these sequels. Continue reading


POP GOD POPcast: Episode 4 – Jennie Montgomery

slide.001Welcome to Episode 4 of the POP GOD POPcast – an exploration into the lives of people seeking God in the present tense.

This week’s guest is Jennie Montgomery. This week’s guest is Jennie Montgomery. Jennie is the longtime anchor of the WJBF Channel 6 Evening News in Augusta, GA. We talk about Jennie’s journey into the news industry including a detour with Vidal Sassoon and a career as a makeover artist. Jennie’s faith has played a huge role in leading her to where she is today and we discuss what it looks like to listen to the voice of God. Plus we talk about what it’s like to work alongside the same partner for so many years and how someone stays sane in the news business. It’s a really personal and challenging conversation, and I think you’re gonna love it.

I’m so excited to open up POP GOD and share more stories of people seeking God in the present tense. I’d love to hear your feedback. Leave me a comment and let me know how to improve things, what you’d like to hear discussed, and give me your ideas as to who you’d like to see on the POPcast.

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Listen here:

[audio http://adoriot.podbean.com/mf/web/z8pn3d/PopGod4.mp3]

Don’t Be Mad, Hermano

Hey brother. It’s Friday. The Final Countdown to the new season of Arrested Development is less than 48 hours. The sun is shining. You’re awake and breathing. No reason to be a blue man.

You have too much good going on to get mad over the little things. Don’t let a careless older brother bring you down with his illusions. Have a sense of wonder today (did someone say wonder?).

Happy Friday.

(Credit to Funny or Die for the image above.)

What If Arrested Development Fails?

arrested“What if it fails?”

It’s a question near and dear to the heart of every “Arrested Development” fan. For 7 years we’ve been clamoring and campaigning to bring the cult hit back to the airwaves.

There have been many false starts and glimmers of hope, hints and clues dropped by various stars that a reunion might occur.

Then out of the blue came the confirmation: “Arrested Development” was really and truly coming back. And not just for a brief reunion, but for an all new fourth season.

Come on! This was unthinkable news. The cult of “Arrested Development” has been steadily rising since the show went off the air in 2006. Many young adults discovered the show on DVDs borrowed from friends who couldn’t help telling people they were making a huge mistake if they had not seen it.

This Sunday all 15 episodes of the fourth season debut on Netflix. Still, the question remains in articles like this from The Hollywood Reporter: What if it fails? Continue reading