Stop Waiting For God To Call Your Name

IMG_5248It must be one of the greatest feelings in the world to hear your name called to compete on “The Price Is Right”.

I can only imagine the elation running through a contestant’s body when the announcer tells them to “Come on down!” After waiting and waiting they get to be one of the lucky handful of people who actually get to play the game.

Just look at the celebration which took place just the other day as one contestant crowd surfed his way to the stage:

Of course, most of us will never get the chance to be on a game show. We’ll never get the chance to celebrate when an announcer calls our name.

In fact a lot of us spend our days the same way in the audience of life, waiting around for God to call our name. We watch us our fellow contestants have all the fun and hope our turn will come. If only God would call us.

Here’s the thing though: the simple fact that you’re alive means that He’s already called your name. He’s yelling it at the top of his lungs, calling you from out of the crowd and onto the playing field.

If you’re alive, then you’re in the game. You’ve still got a chance to win.

So stand up. Cheer. Get excited. Go crazy. Make your way out of the audience and onto the stage.

The cameras are on. The show’s already started.

Come on down. It’s time to play.


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