Let’s End It

end itLast week our box spring broke.

After standing up on the bed to pull the switch on our fan the box spring caved in on itself.

We had to laugh about it. We’ve had a nice string of bad luck since getting married. Our shower curtain keeps falling off the wall. Our toaster oven exploded. We can’t seem to catch a break.

Really though, our problems are small in comparison with one of the greatest problems the world faces today: slavery.

Over 27 million people worldwide are entrenched in slavery. More people are in slavery today than in any other time worldwide.

Slavery is not just something that’s a problem in far away countries. Sex trafficking and slavery goes on all across the United States.

Did you know that when the Augusta National opens up it’s doors for The Masters Tournament in just a few weeks the sex slavery business will come into town as well? Major sporting events like The Masters are huge hotbeds for the sex trafficking business.

So, despite our modest bank account and our own set of problems, my wife and I want to focus on the problem of slavery. We’re donating to the End It Movement, and we want you to be part of our team.

Today, February 27, is Shine A Light On Slavery Day. Founded by Atlanta’s own Passion City Church, the End It Movement has become a global phenomenon to raise awareness and money to help end slavery.

Supporters across the world are marking their hands with a red X to show their support and to start the conversation.

As part of the movement End It is also asking supporters to join a 27 x 7 team, recruiting 27 people to donate $7 to the cause, then encouraging those 27 people to start a team of 27 more. That’s the kind of math that can really add up to make a dent in the slavery epidemic.

My wife and I are taking a few dollars out of our box spring fund to help the cause. Will you join our team as we try to get 27 people to donate $7?

To be a part of our End It team, click here to donate $7 to fight slavery. Then recruit your friends to join your team.

And if you can’t give, draw a red X on your hand, take a picture and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #EndItMovement. Shine a light on this horrible problem today.

We can be the generation that abolishes the idea of slavery. Let’s end it.


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