What Exactly Is The Spirit Of Christmas?

GUEST POST: Today’s contributor to The 12 Blogs Of Christmas is my friend Savannah Jane Duncan. Savannah is a High School Senior and a former student in the youth group I led who’s taken up blogging as her Senior Project. She writes about her journey growing up on her site One Girl Without A Plan. You’ll want to follow along with her blog and her Facebook Page because she’s got a bright future ahead of her. Enjoy her contribution to POP GOD:

How-the-grinch-stole-christmas-2000-03The spirit of Christmas is a thing, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that it is! I am a seventeen year old senior in high school and I can attest to the spirit of Christmas playing a HUGE role in my life.

Well, what exactly IS the Christmas spirit?

To me, it’s the Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola feeling that you get in your belly when you know that a jolly, fat man with presents is coming to your house. The sugar plums that fill your head as you dream of what will be under the tree when you awake. The excitement that comes when you peek out your window to see Rudolph’s nose (or the red light of a near by cell tower) blinking in the distance. That feeling is genuinely one of a kind.

I asked some adults if that feeling ever comes back and they said, “No.”


And then it hit me. I’ve grown up. And as I grow up, so must the spirit of Christmas, right?

The spirit of Christmas isn’t gone, it’s just taken on a new form! The spirit of giving!

I realized that I get the same Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola feeling in my belly when I give someone the gift they had been wanting all year. Seeing their joy of receiving IS the spirit of Christmas!

Wow. I kind of feel like I had a Cindy Lou Who moment! *Cue track 7: Where Are You Christmas*

“My world is changing, I’m rearranging, does that mean Christmas chaaaaanges too?”

Why yes, Christmas (or the spirit of Christmas) changes, in a great and wonderful way!

Just remember if you are feeling the Bah Humbug blues, try giving a heartfelt gift to someone you care about. You will get all of the joy you need just from seeing the thankfulness on their face.

Okay, well I’m going to stop writing now before I turn into Delilah from the radio show.

*outro music for the Delilah show starts to play*

Oh dang it!!! Sorry everyone, I got a bit mushy… Have a great Christmas season!!!



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