The Tacky Sweater Gospel

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When you picture Jesus at Christmas, your mind probably goes straight to the image of a baby wrapped in swaddling cloth in a manger.

But I like to picture Jesus at Christmas clothed in a tacky sweater. 

In recent years it’s become a badge of honor to sport an a ugly Christmas sweater. You’ve probably already been invited to half a dozen tacky sweater parties this year. Hipsters and millenials ravage Goodwill every December to find all the holiday horrors of the past.

In fact, clothing companies are now producing intentionally ugly Christmas sweaters to celebrate the new fashion trend like this one.

It wasn’t always this way.

Think about it: the bright red cardigan plastered with bows and tinsel you wear for laughs was once really worn by someone with a sense of style. 

Look back at your family’s holiday photos. Or in your mom’s closet. Some of these atrocities may still be seen unironically at your family Christmas affair.

Today the tacky sweater has been redeemed. What once was ugly and tossed by the wayside has now become valuable and desired. 

What better display of the gospel at Christmas?

After all, isn’t this exactly what Jesus did time after time when He came into our world?

He took an overcrowded barn and turned it into hallowed ground.

He took a bunch of filthy fishermen and turned them the founding fathers of the faith.

He took the most brutal death imaginable and turned it into the greatest victory of all.

He took what was ugly and made it beautiful. 

So when you don your grandma’s hand painted reindeer turtleneck for the office gift exchange this year, take a second to think about the symbolism you’re slipping on.

As you give this tacky sweater a second chance at life, give thanks for the Savior who restores our filthy rags into works of high fashion.

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