There Are No Rules

Hulk Hogan is 61 Years Old.

Seems like just yesterday “The Immortal” was threatening to body slam Andre The Giant through the center of the earth and carry Donald Trump to safety (seriously, this interview is amazing):

In sports (and even in sports entertainment) years Hulk Hogan is way past his prime. He hasn’t wrestled a match in 3 years. He’s had multiple back and knee surgeries. He really should never compete athletically again.

Yet The Hulkster can’t keep himself away from the ring.


Even in his AARP years Hogan still wants to fight. It seems in every interview these days he’s talking about the possibility of one more match.

John Cena, Steve Austin, Roman Reigns, The Rock. To Hulk Hogan these aren’t just the stars of today – they’re all potential opponents.

Hogan’s been a master comeback artist for years. People have been calling his career dead for two decades.

Time after time though the Real American refuses to believe he’s too old to offer anything to the wrestling business.

Some might make an argument that he’s desperate. Sad. Out of touch with reality.

These are all fair points. I just don’t see it that way. I see hope in Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan doesn’t see himself as too old for wrestling. He still thinks he can go in the ring. He still thinks he can draw money. He still thinks he has something to add.

And why not? There are no rules that say you can’t have a match when you’re 61 and nearly crippled. So why shouldn’t he?

Hulk Hogan’s refusal to retire isn’t the sad posturing of a guy who doesn’t know when to go away. It’s the inspiration for all of us who want to believe There Are No Rules.

I think for many of us The Bible is not the only book we live our lives by. I think instead there’s an imaginary Rulebook which dictates a lot of the decisions we make.

This Rulebook has been developed from years and years of too many people telling us there’s only one way to live our lives.

Here’s the truth: There Are No Rules. 

There Are No Rules that say you can’t go back to school when you’re 30.

There Are No Rules that say you can’t get married when you’re 40.

There Are No Rules that say you can’t switch jobs when you’re 50.

The rules about ages are just one chapter in this imaginary Rulebook.

There Are No Rules that say what you have to look like.

There Are No Rules that say what shape your body has to be.

There Are No Rules that say you can’t move away and start over.

There Are No Rules that say you can’t fix what was broken.

There Are No Rules that say a dying person can’t be healed.

There Are No Rules that say a blind person can’t see, a deaf person can’t hear, a lame person can’t walk.

Really the only rules we need to remember are, to paraphrase Bob Goff: Love God. Love People. Do Stuff.

When we live our lives by those rules we are free to toss life’s imaginary rulebook out the window.

I admire the people like Hulk Hogan who live their lives like there are no rules.

Because the truth is the Rulebook is just like wrestling.

It’s fake.

What’s an imaginary rule you’ve been living your life by that’s been holding you back? What could happen if you threw away the rulebook today?


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