What Will You Do When The Camera Hits You?

There are really only 3 responses when you find yourself on the Jumbotron at a sporting event:

1) You can hide your face in embarassment.

2) You can awkwardly wave and fumble around in your seat for a few seconds

3) Or you can do what this kid did:

(Click Here if you can’t see the video)

Whether you’re ready or not, life’s cameras will shine on you today.

You could respond like most people, wondering and worrying about what everyone else is thinking.

Or you could embrace the moment, shining with who God made you to be, making your spotlight count.

Will you shirk in fear? Or will you dance, empowered to ignore doubt and shame by the focus of God’s lens of love is pointing at you?

I hope you dance.

(I’m sorry about that. It was too perfect. Happy Friday.)


2 thoughts on “What Will You Do When The Camera Hits You?

  1. Well, I’m not quite sure how to respond to the little boy’s uninhibitied dancing routine on the jumbo screen, in a politically correct way, however I will step out on a limb and say, “His 15 minutes of fame probably did reflect man’s desire to be recognized at any cost!” “Vanity…my favorite virtue!” – Darth Vader. We’re commenting metaphorically, right?

    • Ha – yes, of course. From a young age man desires to be recognized, and their actions are fueled by any positive encouragement. It’s amazing to see how quickly a child’s actions become inspired by this desire.

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