When Was The Last Time You TGIF’d?

I want to wish you a Happy Friday today.

After all, I think Fridays are something to celebrate.

Why should you celebrate this Friday? Because the worst fears about this week you had back on Monday did not come true.

Fridays are like the sunrise of the the week. Just as the sun rises on each dark night, the pain of every rough week is interrupted by the hope a Friday brings.

If we can stand strong, Friday will always come.

But as much as we mire in the morosity of Monday, we don’t always celebrate on Friday.


When was the last time you truly Thanked God It Was Friday?

I know when I dread and dread something and God finally delivers me, instead of taking a moment to celebrate I move right on the next worry.

Let’s change that. Let’s celebrate today.

Giving thanks to God is good for the soul. It’s not for His benefit but for our own.

Thanksgiving takes our minds off of our fear and onto Him who is in control.

There’s been a lot to be upset about this week. But here are 3 things I will celebrate anyway:

1) I wrote 4 new posts this week for the blog, something I have not been able to do the past few weeks. 

2) I got to see a couple of young men I’ve worked with since middle school finally graduate high school. 

3) All my bills got paid this month. 

Even if it’s something small, like simply being alive and knowing where your next meal is coming from, you need to take time to celebrate in your life.

Maybe it’s just something simple like adding a little chocolate to your milk, piling on an extra chicken wing, or something entirely non-food related.

But it’s important to mark a milestone. It’s important to celebrate the sun even if we only get a momentary glimpse as it peeks through the clouds.

Let’s celebrate the little things today. Let’s truly Thank God This Friday.

Tell me in the comments: What will you choose to celebrate today? 


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