Tips For The Beginning Time Traveler Part Three

I downloaded a new app for my iPhone a few weeks ago called Timehop. Timehop presents your day in Social Media History, allowing you to travel back to your posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and just about every other outlet (except for Myspace).

photo-3It also has an adorable dinosaur named Abe for a mascot. He’s at least 10% of why I downloaded the app.

Timehop is pretty neat. Looking back at all your old status updates and tweets is more fun than you might think. Our old social media posts exist in a weird realm of the internet. They seem so important at first – important enough for us to stop what we’re doing and let the world know exactly what we are doing.

Then, moments later, they disappear, slowly scrolling down our news feeds until they’re simply yesterday’s news.

As fun as it is to look back in history, it’s also a little depressing. 

The past week my Timehop has been inundated with posts from time at the Love Does Stuff Conference last year.

These memories and pictures from the event are great reminders of the powerful lessons I learned from the speakers as well as the incredible memories I made with my future fiancé.

These posts also remind me of my failures. Seeing all the lessons I felt so passionate about but did not truly put into practice deflates the balloons of joy.

It’s one of the downfalls of social media. We become so passionate about something that we must post our feelings to the world.

Then we kind of forget about it. The action of writing a tweet or a status update gives the false feeling of accomplishment. Rarely do we ever act on the passion of our posts.

I don’t want to be the type of person who only takes action by hitting the send button. I’m tired of traveling back in time and being disappointed by the dreams I didn’t live up to.

Looking back at what was should not disappoint us about what might have been, but excite us about what still could be. 

As long as you’re still alive, God still has something in store for you. Every breath we take in should be a reminder that God still has something more for you take in.

So let the posts of the past haunt you. Let them inspire you. Let your Timehop challenge you to be the person you wanted to be. You’ve still got time.

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