Monday Morning Music: How Could We Not Believe

What do you believe in on a Monday?

Do you believe in a dreary, hopeless work week?

Or do you believe in the first day of a new set of possibilities and opportunities?

If you’re having trouble believing this Monday could be any different than the rest, maybe you could use some Monday Morning Music.

(Click Here to listen to How Could We Not Believe from Ben and Ellen Harper)

Ben Harper’s new album Childhood Home finds him paired with his mother Ellen, a talented musician in her own right.

If you’re thinking the album is all lovey-dovey sappy family music you would be wrong.  It’s more of an intimate acoustic album exploring some real and raw emotions.

What I love about Ben Harper is his willingness to explore new musical forms. I own half a dozen of Ben’s records, and all but one of them find him paired with a different backing band or musical artist.

Whether with the Innocent Criminals, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Relentless 7, Charlie Musselwhite, or now his mother, Ben Harper is brave enough to branch out in a new direction in his career with nearly every new album.

Imagine if you could be so brave to believe God wants you to branch out on this Monday. Imagine the possibilities of a life where we trusted God enough to actually believe He will take care of us if we truly follow him – a life where we actually believed what God said was true.

On “How Could We Not Believe”, Ben and Ellen Harper sing a of glory so beautiful they must stand aside and close their eyes to take it all in. They ask the question: if we were witness to a world so beautiful, how could we not believe in something beyond it?

This world, this life God has created is so beautiful, how could we not believe His promises? How could we not be brave enough to step out in faith?

If we were to truly believe God to be all He claims to be, how could we not believe in a greater hope for this life, for this week, for this Monday?

In the song Ben sings of how beautiful it is to be free from his name and all those who would lay claim to it. This Monday I pray you and I would know the same freedom.

I pray we would be free from any ideas or attachments over our names. I pray for the bravery to not be simply who the world expects us to be.

I pray for the faith to boldly believe God wants each of our lives to be unique and incredible. I pray each of us would know the beauty of an identity fully entrenched in Christ.

I pray this Monday you would find something beautiful to believe in.

Check out Childhood Home on iTunes or anywhere music is sold


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