Nothing Like It

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 6.39.47 PMWhen you type something (anything) into Google, you realize how small the world is.

Literally. There is no search you can come up with that someone else hasn’t already searched for.

Makes it seem like there truly are no original thoughts left in the world.

No matter how crazy a thought or an idea is, there is already a similar thought or idea out there.

This makes the notion of Jesus all the more incredible.

Each day as I write this blog, I work pretty hard to come up with metaphors to make sense of Jesus.

I scavenge through pop culture trying to compare the actions of cartoon characters to those of Christ.

Some days it works better than others.

But really, none of these metaphors match up.

Because that’s all they are – metaphors.

Because there is nothing like Jesus.

What Jesus did in His life was wholly extraordinary, completely unique, exceedingly out of the realm of comparison with any other person, place, or thing the world has ever seen.

This is alternately comforting and unsettling.

We cannot fully make sense of what Jesus did with His life because there is nothing to truly compare Him with. It’s impossible to completely wrap our heads around Jesus because of his uniqueness. This can make us uncomfortable at times when we want to simply have all the answers.

Yet we get to live in the confidence that this unique being’s unique sacrifice uniquely sets us apart for a life and world beyond compare to this one.

I’ll never come up with the perfect metaphor that truly captures Jesus. I will keep writing, keep using small slices of life to highlight different aspects of His awesomeness. I wish I could come up with one post that would perfectly compare Him to something. But I’m kind of glad I never will.

There are pretenders to the throne. There are wannabes who try to steal the glory of Jesus. There are thoughts and ideas which come close to the awesomeness of God.

But there is nothing like Jesus.  And that is something special. 



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