Monday Morning Music: Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967

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If you’re anything like me, you look at Mondays the same way as Walt Grace – you’re done with them.

Walt Grace is the title character from John Mayer’s song “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967” from his Born and Raised album. It’s kind of a goofy title. And it’s kind of a silly song.

But I just love it. “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test” is the perfect type of Monday Morning Music.

The song tells the story of Walt Grace. Walt Grace seems to have things pretty good, but he’s just not satisfied with his lot. He’s not content with having an average life.

So Walt Grace decides to build a homemade, fan-blade, one-man submarine.

His wife thinks he’s lost his mind. His friends tell him he will fail.

But with the will to work hard, and a library card, Walt sets sail.

To the world, our dreams look crazy. The great adventures in life, the possibilities which excite our hearts are also incredibly intimidating.

Fear casts a spell on us, making us believe that we can’t get started. Fear tells us that we need to hear God’s voice giving us specific instructions on what to do with our lives.

What if fear is wrong?

Instead of waiting on God to tell us what to do, maybe God is waiting on us to get moving. Maybe God has actually equipped us to take ownership of our lives.

Maybe the dreams in our hearts are God’s clues as to what He wants us to pursue. Maybe God just wants us to make a decision and start building.

If you’re done with life as normal, why not do something about it today?

Take a page from Walt Grace. You may not be able to set sail on your new adventure immediately. It will take some hard work and some research.

But if we want to live the type of life that makes a great story, you have to start somewhere. And Monday is a great day to start.

Stop expecting the world to hand you a dream come true. Stop expecting God to be your fairy godmother.

Start building your submarine.

“‘Cause when you’re done with this world, you know the next is up to you…”


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