POP GOD POPcast: Episode 17 – David Zach

slide.001Welcome to Episode 17 of the POP GOD POPcast – an exploration of into the lives of people seeking God in the present tense.

This week’s guest is David Zach. David is the lead singer and founding member of the band Remedy Drive. Remedy Drive has been recording powerful, inspirational music for over 15 years including hits like “Daylight” and “Better Than Life”. We talk about the formation of the band and David’s early inspiration from 90s rock and jam bands – including how Dave Matthews Band inspired the band’s name. David also opens up about the difficulties of starting a music career and how the experience broke him and transformed him. David also shares the band’s connection with The Exodus Road and how you can get involved in the fight against child slavery. Enjoy this deeper look inside the life of a musician truly seeking God in the present tense.

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Check out Remedy Drive’s site for tour information and pick up Resuscitate on iTunes

Find out about how you can get involved with the fight against childhood slavery with The Exodus Road

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