Is It Wrong To Ignore The “Son Of God”?

Is it wrong that I have no interest in watching “Son Of God”?

The new movie from producer Mark Burnett made over $26 million this weekend playing to faith-based crowds preparing for the Easter season. I was not one of them.

“Son Of God” is basically all of the scenes involving Jesus from 2013’s miniseries “The Bible” compiled into one feature length film. Part of me is just not interested in paying $10 to see rehashed material on the big screen.

Really though, I just don’t see anything for me when I watch the previews for “Son Of God”.

I’ve seen the story of Jesus told this way already. There doesn’t appear to be anything surprising or insightful in it. There are no risks being taken.

Now, I’m basing all this off the trailer and reviews for the film. I could be way off here.

It’s not that I don’t need to here the gospel story again. If that were the case I could just toss my Bible back on the bookshelf.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with presenting a straightforward, traditional retelling of the gospel in a movie. I really believe there will be people who see “Son Of God” who are moved by it, even driven to salvation by it.

It’s just that when I do hear the gospel, I want to be challenged by it. I want to see someone retell the story creatively.

There are people out there who feel like as a Christian we must blindly support all forms of Christian entertainment.

While it’s nice to see the gospel getting taken to the mainstream, I can’t blindly throw my loyalty behind something just because it involves Jesus.

I would rather watch someone try something new and inventive and fail then watch someone try to rehash the same old interpretation over and over again.

True-Detective-101Instead of watching “Son Of God” this weekend, I watched “True Detective” on HBO.

“True Detective” is the best new television show to hit the air since “Breaking Bad”. It’s an incredible noir series exploring the inner psyches of two detectives as they piece together a case against a serial killer while their lives slowly crumble apart. (It’s also very deserving of it’s TV-MA rating.)

I like “True Detective” for a number of reasons (Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are impeccable in the starring roles), but mainly because there are no good guys or bad guys. All of the characters have some good in them, and a lot of evil in them.

The show is more than a detective mystery; it’s an exploration into the inner struggle we all feel over morality and purpose in life.

I am more spiritually challenged from watching a show like “True Detective” than I am by watching “The Bible” or “Son Of God”.

Most nights I would rather watch a show that raises questions over the existence of God than one that is an out and out declaration of faith. A show that raises questions about faith makes me question my beliefs and helps me to reaffirm them.

I’m not saying this makes me better than anyone else. I’m not saying this is a more evolved way of thinking. I’m not saying everyone should ignore “Son Of God” and watch “True Detective” instead.

If you’re one of the people who watched “Son Of God” this weekend and were moved by it, I’m so happy for you. Really. My prayer is that “Son Of God” will not only inspire believers but will also evangelize new believers for years to come.

I’m just saying that for me, God speaks in other ways. I find myself growing closer to God by watching shows and movies which question Him and challenge my beliefs of Him.

Shows like “True Detective” give me a better understanding of the enormity and mystery of God and push me to dig deeper in my faith. For I believe our God is greater than any of the questions and doubts we may have. I believe He can withstand every struggle we have.

I believe we don’t have to whitewash our faith; we can present all our questions about God honestly and through doing so He will only grow more awesome before our eyes. 

Did you watch “Son Of God” this weekend? What did you think? What about “True Detective”? What types of entertainment draw you closer to God?


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