Do We Take God For Granted?

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter

The Oscars will be missing something this year – the greatest actor of our generation.

Despite two highly-regarded performances – as the title character in the harrowing “Captain Phillips” and as the legendary Walt Disney in “Saving Mr. Banks” – somehow Tom Hanks missed out on an Oscar nomination this year.

What’s the deal here? I must admit I have not seen many of the Oscar nominated films this year, including “Saving Mr. Banks”. And I know there’s only so many spots that can go out there for nominations.

But have you seen “Captain Phillips”? Tom Hanks is incredible as a reserved ship captain trying to maintain order as Somali pirates hijack his boat. The last scene where Hanks finally releases all the pent-up emotion he’s been carrying through the movie is an acting masterclass.

Even as someone who expects Tom Hanks to deliver an excellent performance in every movie, I was still blown away by his work in “Captain Phillips”.

I think maybe that’s why Tom Hanks didn’t get nominated for an Oscar this year. I think everyone who’s seen “Forrest Gump” and “Saving Private Ryan” and even “You’ve Got Mail” recognizes how awesome Tom Hanks is.

So when Tom Hanks does his usual excellent work, the audience is not surprised. There’s no overwhelming movement to honor what this amazing actor is doing because the world has been recognizing his outstanding work for decades.

I think we take Tom Hanks for granted. I know I take God for granted too.

I know many days go by where I don’t recognize all the amazing things God is doing in my life because He does so many of them everyday.

It’s not like God needs my adulation. God is not a desperate actor whose happiness only comes when I give Him an award. I think God likes to be thanked, but I don’t think He needs it.

It’s the other way around. It’s not healthy for me to take God for granted.

I’m so used to living in this world, in my house, with my health, with my family, with forgiveness, and with love that I expect to have all those things everyday. I recognize how great and how gracious God is, and instead of honoring Him, I just take Him for granted.

Of course, whenever I feel slighted in any of those areas I expect God to bless me, I definitely take notice. If the smallest thing seems to not be going my way in life, I find a way to get angry. I make sure to let God know that he’s not treating me the way I deserve to be treated.

The more we are in the constant presence of greatness, the easier it becomes to take that greatness for granted. It’s impossible to recognize all the things He does for His people.

Just because it’s impossible though, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. Just like Tom Hanks shouldn’t be looked over because he’s consistently amazing, I must do my best to not look over the blessings God is so consistent with everyday.

Attempting to recognize the magnitude of God’s greatness is humbling and healthy for the soul. Our problems will become smaller when our eyes become wiser to the presence of God’s greatness.

What are some things you take for granted about God? Take a minute to try and recognize a few things you haven’t thanked God for in a long time. Say a prayer of thanks and be grateful for all God gives you. 


2 thoughts on “Do We Take God For Granted?

  1. I absolutely agree regarding Tom Hanks being overlooked for a nomination. I just watched this a couple of days ago. It is still in my mind all that man went through. I saw him (the real captain Phillips) when he was interviewed after he was rescued, but had no idea about the whole story, didn’t even know he was kidnapped. That last scene was incredible! A really powerful performance, yet whoever picks the nominees must have slept thru this one. Also, was blown away by the response of the Navy and their special teams. Just awesome!
    Re: taking God for granted, I’m sure I do as everyone does at one time or another. But I’m sure He understands – He knows us better than we know ourselves. One thing I do not take for granted is His unconditional Love and Mercy. I often think, where would I be without these.
    God bless.

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