Get Out Of The Shower

It’s Friday.

You need all the help you can to make it to the weekend.

You take a few extra breaks. Watch a few more funny videos than usual. Stalk a few more people on Facebook than normal.

Before you know it, it’s 5:00. The day is gone. Nothing got done.

I’ve been there. Trust me. So has Wes Welker:

(Click Here if you can’t see the video above.)

Here’s the new plan: don’t waste your day in the shower. Make Friday count. Don’t spend too much time relaxing today that you miss out on opportunities to really get stuff done.

The weekend is coming in just a few hours. You deserve your weekend after all you’ve done this week. Enjoy it. Rest.

But you have just a little bit more to do. Go do it. Level up before you head home today.

Happy Friday.

And in case you need a little more of a boost to get your work done, here are the other two new hilarious Old Spice commercials featuring Broncos Wide Receiver Wes Welker:


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