We All Tell The Story

Last night I watched a wonderfully fun and intimate new documentary called “Springsteen and I”. The film is comprised entirely of video footage and testimonials submitted by Bruce Springsteen’s biggest fans.

These aren’t scripted, ‘reality-show’ type testimonials. These are raw, honest, personal tellings of each person’s Springsteen story. Some are shot on cell-phone cameras (some even flipped on the wrong side of the iPhone). All of them are unique in the way they relate to The Boss.

There’s the blue-collar couple who’ve never been at the right place or time to see Springsteen in person but hold their own concerts dancing in the dark in their kitchen. There’s the young female truck driver who wouldn’t seem to fit into Bruce’s demographic but connects to the working life he sings so soulfully of. There are children. There are seniors. Citizens all over the world who share how much one man’s music means to them.

None of the people in “Springsteen and I” are storytellers for living. They’re not actors or performers. Their stories aren’t rehearsed or well-polished. Perhaps this is why they resonate so well – they’re just real.

Our job is to share. Our calling is to be storytellers. God gave us a unique voice. Together our words piece together into the greatest story ever told.

We are all tellers of the story. Though we may not have seminary degrees or stand at the pulpit on Sundays, we all have a story. We all have a unique and intimate account what Jesus means to us.

We should all be brave enough to share our story. We may think it’s silly or insignificant. But God never uses those words in His vocabulary.

My personal favorite story in “Springsteen and I” is one I knew already but never ceases to warm my heart. It’s the story of a European street busker who Bruce passed by in Copenhagen during a 1988 tour. The street musician yelled out for Bruce to turn around and join him singing to the passersby. So he did.**

(Click here if you can’t see the video above.)

The street musician is interviewed 25 years after the moment with Bruce. A little monument to his 15 minutes of fame hangs in a frame in his house. We don’t know his name. But we know his story – a life forever impacted by the moment his hero stepped down into his world to share life with him. A life forever changed because of one incredible story.

What was it like when Jesus walked into your life? However you encountered Jesus, be brave enough to share your story. It may seem too silly. It may seem too small. It may seem too personal.

But there are no insignificant stories. We are all tellers of the story, and there is no story not worth telling.

**(We forget how incredible it is that this moment is on video. If it happened today there would be 100 different angles of the moment on Youtube within minutes. But we pretty much just got lucky some traveler happened to have their video camera on them at the time and had the foresight to record this memorable moment for all the world to see. Just another example of how, even in passing, we are all tellers of the story.)


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