Give Thanks For Youth Camp

Earlier this morning a dozen teenagers were baptized in the ocean on Daytona Beach.

It was incredible to witness. But it’s not unique.

Week after week and day after day all summer long tireless youth pastors, parents, college students, and other volunteers are pouring their lives into students. Because of their passion, and because of the grace of the Lord, teenagers across the world are being rescued.

It’s called Youth Camp. It looks a little something like this:

This is a taste of the Youth Camp I’ve been serving with¬†this past week as a game and recreation leader. I’m completely spent from the whole process. And I can’t stop smiling.

In just a few weeks I’ll be taking ten of my own students to Big Stuf camp in Panama City Beach. I pray (and I have faith) God will work in their lives as well.

Today let’s give thanks for Youth Camp. Let’s give thanks for the bands, the speakers, the skit leaders, the rec leaders, the cooks, the nurses, the janitors, the sound techs, the small group leaders, and everyone else who works to bring a life changing experience for teenagers every day across the world this summer.

Let’s give thanks for the students who will never forget these camps.

Let’s give thanks for the real salvation Jesus brings through the beautiful chaos of Youth Camp.

Lift up a prayer today for everyone at Youth Camp today. Lift up a praise knowing in full confidence God is moving in students across the world. Rejoice.

Happy Friday.


One thought on “Give Thanks For Youth Camp

  1. Laying in bed after our own exhausted week of youth camp, I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Thank God for youth camp and for changed lives!

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